Oh My Gosh…my husband was watching a Bourne movie , yes AGAIN – the other night.
All of a sudden he starts cracking up.  
He’s laughing so hard, he can hardly sit up.
What the heck?   
I love to listen to him laugh, 
but I was a little concerned, 
cause Bourne movies are not ones,
that I associate with knock your socks off mirth.
When he finally settles down, 
he begins to tell me about a clip he
saw on YouTube.  
He starts laughing again…
I don’t know how long it took for him
to tell me about the video, 
cause he keeps cracking up – over and over again!
This is what he was laughing soooooooooo hard about:-)

Bourne…in a new light

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0 thoughts on “Bourne…in a new light

  1. That is hilarious!!! I'm just like your husband, if I see something really funny on tv I have to watch it over and over(I DVR everything I want to watch). Sometimes it takes me 15 min. to be able to go on because I'm laughing so hard. My husband and kids hate to watch anything funny with me.

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