I had the great pleasure of receiving a copy of both
The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish
Mr. Choli’s River Trip
Courtesy of the author and 
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About the Author:
Chris Wardle holds a bachelor’s degree in physical geography
as well as a Master’s degree for water supply in developing countries
from Cranfield University in the UK.
Over the last ten years Chris has traveled extensively
in developing countries working on charity projects in poor communities.
He has been able to draw on his numerous experiences to inspire
his creative works, particularly living for long periods
in communities with different cultures in Africa and Asia.
An orphaned kitten in Northern Uganda
was the inspiration for Mr. Choli’s character in the Tinfish series.
He now lives in the UK with Chris’s family
(via a few months with a foster family in France to
organize his European passport).

About The Lighthouse and Mr. Tinfish:

Mr. Tinfish the penguin lives with his family
in an old oil drum at the edge of the sea,
which he likes to think of as his barrel-lighthouse.
Unfortunately since the time of the people
the climate has been subject
to sudden changes and a rapid rise in sea level creates problems,
not only for the barrel-lighthouse,
but for all of the animals
and birds who are part of the colony.
Luckily Mr. Vinegar the Walrus enjoys feeling
important during a good crisis,
and enlists the help of Mr. Choli and Mr. Ginger, the cats.
Mr. Choli is the head detective of the colony,
although his laziness usually gets the better of him as,
being a cat, sleeping and eating roast fish
are his main priorities.
Luckily his companions,
including Mrs. Cat-biscuit the goat,
and his sidekick Mr. Ginger with his ever-rumbling tummy,
are there to assist in his haphazard expeditions
to help the colony whenever there is a problem.
The sea level is not the only environmental
problem facing the colony,
and an expedition party is dispatched
to investigate the drying river,
led by Mr. Choli, who after all has his
own magnifying glass and pipe
to help him appear more detective-ish.
The exploits of the companions continue
with secret tunnels and a sea voyage to Volcano Island.
As the adventures unfold, it turns out that being the keeper
of a barrel-lighthouse is quite a useful innovation for penguin.

My Review of 
The Lighthouse and Mr. Tinfish
Mr. Choli’s River Trip
Delightful with a capitol D:-)
The characters are often quite hilarious.
They will remind you of many of the people you know…
some are a little kooky, some are know it all’s,
several are very hard workers,  two or three can be lazy at times,
a few are humble, and eccentricities are bountiful…
but somehow, they all work together very nicely
to the betterment of the community,
and they enrich each others lives!

I found The Lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish
(and Mr. Choli’s River Trip)
to be like the old Muppet Show…
 aimed at children, but the humor is
best understood by adults!
I enjoyed them both, and was left wanting more…
highest praise indeed!


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  1. Thanks for the great review, Libby. I'm glad you enjoyed the books and found them funny. I hadn't really made the Muppet connection before, but I can see where you're coming from. I loved the Muppets when I was a kid and so your comparison is one of the comments that I'm most proud of from the book tour.
    I have now finished writing the fifth book of the series and I think that they are getting funnier as they go along. Hopefully you can review them on future book tours.

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