Chinese New Year with Oriental Trading

Chinese New Year is right around the corner and Oriental Trading can help you celebrate!

The Chinese zodiac is represented by 12 animals. Those who are born between Jan.31, 2014 and Feb. 8, 2015 will born in the Year of the Horse (element  –  Wood)

Chinese New Year with OT

OMGOSH – I had so much fun “shopping” for this post.  I LOVE being a blogger for

Oriental Trading

Just take a look at all this adorable stuff!

OT Collage 1 EditedThe Shirt Gift Bags are So Stink’n CUTE.

I got some fans, bookmarks, and Chocolate Gold Coins.

OT Collage 2

A few other items…Oragami Papers, Chopsticks, Favor Envelopes, along with some really really good Buttermints.  Not that Buttermints are Chinese, but they are wrapped beautifully in lovely red Chinese patterned paper. I’m tucking the Chocolate Coins into the Favor Envelopes.

Coins and Buttermints

All of these items are being put together to send to the Admins at my husbands office.  I know that they are going to get a big kick out of their goodies!

Chinese New Year Basket

Head on over to Oriental Trading, and find all the fun and inexpensive items that they have to offer.  I KNOW that you’ll find some things that you Love! Party supplies and decorations, treats, novelties, toys, they have it all!


Chinese New Year with Oriental Trading

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