Clutter Diet – Garment Organizers Review

I found another fabulous site 
for the organized
or the need to be organized!
From their site:

“Get organized with our FREE 7-Day Quickstart! 
Now you can get direct consulting from the pros online, 
along with a weekly “menu” plan of organizing projects, 
multimedia tutorials, articles and other great tools…
FREE for 14 days. Lose clutter, gain time, and reduce stress
 with an organizing program designed to get your house in shape!”

Get Started HERE.

Besides offering online programs,
The Clutter Diet also offers products
to help all around the house.


I’m a lucky ducky, as 
The Clutter Diet
sent me a set of 
Aren’t they cool?
My closet isn’t quite as perfectly 
arranged as the photo above,
but it does look pretty darn good…

It’s hard to get good photo’s in closets:-(
Okay – so I don’t particularly need these
they are GREAT for my husband.
When he does laundry…
 (Yep he does laundry & IRONS …
 he even separates the clothes into whites,
darks, colors, and towels!)
So, what is the problems?
Well, he tends to hang everything up
(even my night gowns), 
and hangs them all in the same spot.
Not a criminal act, but it is enough
to drive me into OCD overload.
Now, he knows exactly where to hang my clothes,
and that if there isn’t a tag, they
get folded and put in my dresser.

Each pack come with 12 tags, 
along with pre-printed labels.
I chose to use some of the pre-printed
along with some that I made.
For my husbands clothes,  have tags that say:
Short Sleeve
Aloha Shirts
(The man is obsessed with Hawaii.
Wants to move there so bad he can hardly stand it.
Me – I’m allergic to the islands – go figure.)
Long Sleeve
Casual Pants
For me I have:
Short Sleeve
3/4 Sleeve
Too Small
Head on over and check out  
I know that you will find something(s) that you will love!


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