Confidence Comes From Within: 4 Tips for Improving your Self-Assurance

The saying that confidence comes from inside is true, to a degree. What so many people forget when they say this is that part of your inner confidence depends on how you perceive your external beauty.

Yes, we should be satisfied with ourselves as we are. But don’t we love our homes, our cars, and our other possessions as they are, and still try to maintain and improve them.

This same idea works with our bodies. If there’s nothing you can do about the basic structure, you accept it. But if there’s something you want to improve on, and you can, why not do it if it makes you feel better?

Here are some tips to improve your self-assurance while remembering to keep true to yourself.

Maintenance and Improvements for Your Health

Our bodies are ours to take care of and no one else’s responsibility. That puts a lot of pressure on us to make sure they are in top shape for close to 100 years.

Aging is a fact of life, but there are some things you can do to limit the speed in which your body deteriorates. As you work on your health, your self-assurance improves, too.

  1. Watch what you eat and drink. Food tastes great as it’s going down, but after that, you’ve got to deal with the consequences for a long time. Unhealthy food causes weight gain, organ breakdown, and chronic diseases that can be lifelong issues.

Consider that piece of cake or other yummy delicacy carefully before you put it in your mouth and swallow. Is it worth the potential illness, weight gain, stomach problems, and acne it brings?

  1. Get that life-changing surgery you want. Elective surgeries for aesthetic purposes are often controversial within a family. But ultimately, it’s your body, and if there’s something that makes you self-conscious that you can have fixed, why not fix it? If you want to improve how your smile looks, why not consider this dentist in redwood city? You certainly deserve it!

Nose job surgery, liposuction, breast reductions, and implants, and other aesthetic procedures are streamlined and efficient with today’s technology. If it increases your self-esteem, go for it!

  1. Consider your surroundings. Yes, your environment, both the people and location, has an immense effect on your self-assurance. You’ve probably heard the phrases like, “You are who you hang out with” and “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

These adages are true in that if your closest people are negative and dismissive of you, you’ll think poorly of yourself. It’s harder to rise when those around you want to see you fall. Consider getting rid of anyone or any place that makes you feel unwanted or unwelcome.

Sometimes it’s better to be alone than surrounded by negativity. That way, those who are meant to be in your life to help improve it can find you.

  1. Improve your knowledge. Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” While the clothing part is optional, no one has ever felt less self-confident by becoming more educated.

You don’t need to attend a college seminar to improve your general knowledge. Pick up a book, download an audiobook, watch and listen to podcasts instead of binging on your next Netflix series. If you must Netflix, make it an educational documentary.

The more you know, the better you feel about yourself.

It’s Not All Inside Your Head

Gaining self-confidence isn’t something you just magically acquire with adulthood. It’s something you have to attain and work towards your whole life.

With age comes wisdom and self-assurance, but only if you know how to find it. These tips can guide you in finding the self-esteem that you already hold within you.


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