Consider This Before Pressing Pause On Television Subscriptions

We live in an age where TV packages like Netflix are part of everyday culture. In fact, around 54% of U.S. adults now have Netflix. These packages have become such a part of our lives that phrases like ‘Netflix and chill’ get daily use. You can’t go through a day at the office without someone mentioning the latest Amazon or Netflix release.

Yet, when we decide to tighten our belts, these packages are often the first to go. After all, they aren’t essential to our lives.So, we cancel that monthly subscription and rest easy that we’ve saved ourselves some pennies. Only, the reality of life without anything extra on television may be trickier than you thought. So, before you bite the bullet altogether, it’s important to consider what you’d be missing out on.

Less choice

The most obvious loss would be that of choice. Services like Netflix spoil us with selections that even an avid television watcher would struggle to get through. Not to mention that new things are added near enough daily. So, as a society, we’re not accustomed to having a selection to suit every mood. Freeview may offer more than satellite did, but the range comes nowhere near subscription services. What’s more, you’ll find yourself with no choice but to watch programs for the sake of it. Many of us worry about spending time in front of the television. But, you could argue that time isn’t wasted when absorbing content which interests you. If you put on any old show because it’s your only choice, you’re more liable to stray into the ‘television zombie’ category.

No pausing capabilities

Consider This Before Pressing Pause On Television Subscriptions

Many of us forget how wonderful it is to be able to pause and rewind the television until we no longer can. It means we can go to the toilet whenever we want, and even answer phone calls without missing half our program. Rest assured, this is a service you’ll miss when you don’t have it anymore. Soon, you’ll find yourself desperate for the toilet while waiting for the end of a show. You may even ignore phone calls because you can’t answer right now. It’s not a good way to be, and again, the phrase television zombie comes to mind. Netflix and such aren’t even the only option here. Pausing capabilities are also included on services like TiVo, as can be found if you visit this site and others like them. These options have been around far longer than the subscription services we now know and love. And, they’ve ensured that we now reach for the pause button as standard. Do you really want to rewind that progress?


It’s sad to say, but only watching Freeview television can also lead to social exclusion. Not knowing what happened in the latest episode of Stranger Things is going to leave you behind in many conversations. In fact, your lack of subscriptions could make it difficult to connect with others. Which begs the question, is it a price worth paying?




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