Pink and Blue Sky - Dealing With Grief and Loss

Everyone will experience loss at some point. It is important to note that loss isn’t just a single form. It comes in many shapes. Jobs, people, beloved pets, children leaving home, and sometimes they are the ‘smaller’ losses like losing your favorite bag. 

Dealing With Grief and Loss

Loss and grief really cover any transition, changes, and usually big ones. That feeling of loss is a deep-reaching emotion, and learning to cope with it comes with time. The grieving process is generally said to have a few stages, and it is agreed that they are vital to come through the other side. 

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Sadness/depression
  • Acceptance 

We are learning to live in a world that no longer has a person or situation in it. Awareness of the stages, and how we can travel through them in a healthy way will help us, and those around us through difficult times. 


This is a crucial moment. When something happens, you might be quick to say ‘no’ and brush it off. People often suppress these initial feelings because they don’t want it to be true. It is common to have a wide range of emotions during this stage, and they might not always make sense. And, there are the added issues of making sure that everything from paperwork, finding compassionate legal help for deadly work accidents, funerals and finances thrown in the mix depending on the circumstances. 

Try to find a safe space to accept the situation, and give yourself time to do so. 


When we lose something, our natural reaction is to fill up the space. The problem is most often nothing can fill that. The closer the relationship or, the more joy something brings you, the more profound the loss is going to feel. Think about the things that make you feel great, and it might not feel the same; initially, it is essential to find something to help you feel more ‘whole’. Volunteer work, recreation activities, travelling, and other experience-based can be a wonderful place to start. 


Find a way that you can grow from the loss. If you have lost your job, it might be time to apply for roles in an industry that you have a keen interest in. Or perhaps, look at different options for learning a new skill. What can you do to bring yourself to a positive place? Self-care is a start, looking at what you are passionate about is another. Take it slow, find a way to grow. Do things that are positive for yourself and for others too. We get a healthy dose of joy, belonging and meaning when we find a way to move forward into a comfortable space. Allow yourself to laugh, and enjoy things, don’t suppress ‘negative’ emotions – instead give yourself space to feel them. Find joy in the simple things, rest well, and try something new. Self-reflection, self-care, spending time with people we love, and who love us can give us the nourishment and strength to move beyond the initial pain.

Dealing With Grief and Loss

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