Essential Gear For Your Next Hiking Adventure

A true hiking adventure is a brilliant experience that you should try at least once in your life. Hiking is a fantastic way to get fit and it opens the door to backpacking trips where you can explore some stunning sights. Nature is never better than when you’re wandering through it on foot. 

However, before you march off for a long hike, you do need to make some preparations. Hiking isn’t a high-risk activity on the same level as snowboarding or surfing, but it does come with its dangers. The best way to make sure that your hike is fun and safe is to be well stocked up with the appropriate gear. 

Essential Gear For Your Next Hiking Adventure

The Right Shoes

It could be argued that your shoes are among the most important parts of your outfit. You are spending hours on your feet, and poor-quality shoes could quickly lead to disaster. You’ll at least suffer from some unpleasant blisters, but there could be even more severe consequences.

Poor shoes or boots could lead to injuries even worse than blisters. If they aren’t waterproof, then you could develop Athlete’s foot, severe blisters, chilblains, other conditions. Poor soles could cause you to slip and fall, or turn on your ankle and injure yourself. If you’re on your own in the wilderness, an injury can be very concerning. 

Get some decent shoes that will protect your feet and keep you comfortable. Yuketen shoe styles, for example, are inspired by traditional American styles and are built from genuine leather. 

Water and Wind Resistant Clothing

As well as your shoes, your clothing is all that’s between you and the elements. You should always bear the weather in mind before making your trip, so you can properly plan what to wear. While you might think that a normal coat and jeans will do, you’ll wish you had appropriate walking gear if you get caught in the rain.

Rather than jeans, get some appropriate walking trousers that are weather-resistant and that will keep you from overheating. Anti-wicking t-shirts make a great base layer, whether it’s hot or cold as they’ll stop sweat from soaking into your clothes. If it is cold, then layers are your friend.

A good coat with a hood can keep you relatively warm and dry, but don’t forget your hat and gloves in cold weather. While you do warm up while walking, you can always stuff an unneeded hat or pair of gloves in your pocket, but you can’t do anything if you’re too cold out there.

A Well-Stocked Backpack

Finally, it’s not backpacking if you don’t take a trusty backpack along with you. A good hiking backpack should be lightweight and easy to carry without putting strain on your back, but still hardy enough to keep your stuff safe from the harsh outdoors. 

Your supplies may change depending on the specifics of your hike. However, it’s recommended to at least carry some food, extra water, a torch, and navigational aids like a map and compass. You should also consider a first aid kit and a radio. 

Tell someone when you’re going hiking, so if you get lost, someone at least knows that you’re missing and can get help. 

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