Does sharing your stories with the world affect your growth?

One of the most difficult situations that most of people face in life is telling others about their life, struggles, failures and answers to questions that they are looking for. Every person on earth is a story that has everything to make a blockbuster movie. Some people tell their story through books, some through movies and television serials, some through blogs,while most people remain silent and abstain from sharing their secrets to the world.

Sharing Your Stories...

Makes you courageous

Coming out to share your story is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires lot’s of gut and willpower to share. Most people who know their acquaintances for a long time don’t feel comfortable to share; and sharing with the whole world is definitely a very big deal.

In the yesteryears, it was very difficult to tell the world what you have gone through to become what you are today. However, internet has made things very easy for anyone who wants to share his or her story with the world. Today, you can start sharing by making your own anonymous blog or by writing on anonymous blog.

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This is a very convenient option because it allows you to hide your identity while letting out all the frustration and negativity that you have built for others in so many years. When you start writing, you could face a dilemma from where to start your story. However, you have the option of starting from the beginning, from where you started off or from the present and then go to flash back.

Adds to your list of acquaintances and followers

The moment you decide to share your story, you add many more acquaintances and followers to the already known.There are hundreds of free anonymous blog sites on the internet, you can choose any one of them and start sharing by just adding a comment on the anonymous blog posts already on the site.

There are chatrooms on most blogs where you can first start to question people on their lives, and when you can gather enough confidence to express, you can start of by writing an anonymous blog post.

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Once you start sharing, there will be people who like and share your feelings and expression, while there will be some who disagree with your thoughts. Nonetheless, they and you become a family and start sharing and bonding over past and current issues.

Add knowledge and awareness

Internet is a great source of knowledge and awareness in all spheres of life, whether it is your social life or professional life. When you start sharing your ideas and views through anonymous blog posts, you also read many that other people write.

Also, when you are on the internet, you tend to explore the internet for articles on matters of your interest. Some articles are merely for casual reading, while some are serious reading material.

Even biggest experts in all the fields today share their findings and research on internet because everyone feels that sharing adds to the value of their writing and depth to their work.

Nonetheless, all first timers feel skeptical that are anonymous blogs safe?.

Yes,  they are absolutely safe because they don’t ask your identity when you start writing. Even if they ask, you can create an anonymous blog with a pseudo name. This way you can easily remain unknown to people while sharing your story with the world.

Adds respect for you in public

Sharing your story on anonymous blog is not an easy job. There are very few who can do this on a regular basis. People who share their stories on blogs are looked up with high respect among readers because they understand the difficulty in expressing their feelings in words.

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Also, when you share your story with the world, you not only share your emotions with readers, but also inspire them with your words and deeds to the extent that some of them can dare to get out of their situations with the courage that you instill with your words.

There may also be many among the readers who are in similar situation and making some of your mistakes, reading your story can help them avoid such mistakes.

Helps you in increasing wealth

While some write blogs for their creative satisfaction, writing on anonymous blog platforms can significantly increase your earnings in a variety of manners. There are many travel companies around the globe that pay you handsomely if you write for the destinations that they deal. Some travel companies sponsor your trips to such destinations and some sponsor and even pay over that for writing for the destinations.

Rolled up Paper Money - sharing your stories

Then there are millions of online companies dealing in different products and services. They are continuously looking for bloggers that can try their products and write their experience. You can easily try many different products and services for absolutely free of cost and then make good money by writing your reviews on their products and services.

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