I have been blessed – truly blessed.

Yes – blessed, by a sheet!
Thank you Peggy, for sending me an  
Elite Sheet to use and review,
here on Libby’s Library!

What is an Elite Sheet?
Here’s a photo of mine on my bed.
It looks a little different from other
bottom fitted sheets.

How can a sheet be a blessing?
I’ll tell you right now.

I have lots of medical issues, including Fibromyalgia,
Hyper-Insomnia, and RLS.
Sleep is a VERY BIG DEAL to me.
The last 4 nights on my Elite Sheet 
have been pure bliss.
I’m so serious about this.  
I wish that Elite Sheet
had been around years ago, 
as is would have been
so fantastic to have, 
after my many surgeries.

For years, I have always tried to sleep in 
tricot nightgowns,
because they aid in being able 
to move around easily when in  bed.
During the colder months, I need something warmer,
and lately there haven’t been a large selection of
tricot sleepwear available on the market.  
Manufacturers are producing more
cotton/spandex sleepwear.  Elite Sheet to the rescue.
I can now wear any type of sleepwear 
and be comfortable.
Each of the last 4 nights, I’ve slept in different P.J.’s.
Nightgowns in Cotton/Spandex…
a 2 piece Flannel set 
(I turned the
ceiling fan and fan on my nightstand on HIGH)… 
 a 100% Polyester 2 piece set…
and a 100% Cotton sleep shirt.
All with the same results.  I was able to move around, 
and roll over with ease!
Since the Elite Sheet is just a fitted bottom sheet,
it is appropriate for any time of year.
You just adjust, by using different top sheets
and blankets, and/or comforter/quilts, etc. etc.

Here is the information directly from Elite Sheet’s website.
Elite SheetTM Product Information.  
The directional properties and the grain of the fabric reduce the friction of sleepers as they turn from side to side in bed allowing for practically effortless movement.  No more lifting a heavy or painful body.  With the Elite SheetTM you can rotate with ease.  The grain of the fabric works WITH you, not AGAINST you.
Bed sheets come primarily in cotton, knit and satin.  Cotton is the most common and most widely used fabric for sheets.  Cotton sheets come in choices of “thread count,” meaning “threads per inch.”  Normally, the more threads per inch, the softer the fabric.
Elite SheetTM  is none of the above. The Elite SheetTM is made from a combination of two luxurious fabrics. These are soft yet durable materials used for multiple applications. The Elite SheetTM is non-traditional fabrics sewn together to specifically solve problems that so many people have with sleeping.  This is what se
ts the
Elite SheetTM apart from all other bed sheets.
A second fabric is strategically placed at the hip of the person sleeping to accommodate the area of the body that is normally the heaviest.  Because of the directional properties and qualities of these two fabrics, they allow the sleeper to change positions effortlessly.
The Elite SheetTM does not come as a set of sheets.  It is a bottom fitted sheet only and can be used with any top flat sheet.

PLEASE – if you, or anyone that you love, 
is a restless sleeper,
is pregnant, over weight, 
or have health/pain issues, 
or will be having surgery,
please check out Elite Sheet
It will be well worth your time and money. 
I honestly could not be more sincere when I say
that Elite Sheet, is truly a blessing to me.
Elite Sheet – Review

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