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How to spend the summer beneficially? Of course, one should concentrate on gaining new knowledge and improving professional skills. How to do it? There are many ways.

Some people prefer to read specialized literature and spend their days in cozy libraries, open spaces, coffee houses, or at home on the couch. Others like online courses or schools that make it possible to get an education while remaining where you are comfortable and choosing the right micro-course or a teacher you like.

Some prefer group or individual lessons with a teacher because there is a working atmosphere, schedule, etc. Usually, the curriculum is developed in such a way that a person knows in advance what topics and for what period of time one will study. 

But there is another great way not only to usefully spend the summer but also to travel and see the world. Summer exchange programs offer students training programs in various subjects in many countries around the world. Everyone can choose something suitable for themselves, pack things and go on one of the most unforgettable adventures.

In this article, we will look at some of the most exciting programs. But before covering them, there is a tip for any learner. In order to make your summer studying easier and fill the time with wonderful moments (not always education-related), consider choosing to guide you on this road. It is clear that summer is not the time supposed to be spent on daunting research. So, be smart and get the best out of these great opportunities!

Experience of a Lifetime: Top 7 Summer Exchange Programs

Forum Europe

This summer program will help one not only learn something useful and earn a few credits but also travel to as many as nine different cities in just one month! Can summer be considered successful after such a trip? Of course, especially since you still have two months left.

You can choose for yourself the subjects of interest and visit not only certain countries but also well-known companies and international organizations. This will give each student a unique experience and let one know how everything works from the inside out.

Experienced professors who teach many different disciplines from Nursing to International Accounting and Finance will help you in this academic journey. Which places can one visit? The list includes Geneva, Lugano, Como, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, Chamonix, and Rhodes. This trip can be way more enjoyable as lying on the couch at home, as well as useful to a great extent.

Lincoln University Intensive Japanese Language and Culture

What about learning Japanese? This program offers students the opportunity to devote their summertime to the intensive study of the Japanese language and culture for as long as eight weeks. 

Everyone can bring as much as 15 credits to their home university. In addition to language learning, students will be able to study the culture of Japan, get to know Tokyo, talk with native speakers, and learn all the intricacies of life in such unique megacities. What could be better than discovering a complex and interesting language in an ideal atmosphere?

AIFS Study Abroad: Cannes

If you want to learn French via daily conversations with native speakers, then this is your chance. This program offers students a great time in Cannes at Campus International. Besides, you can travel to Monaco any day.

In St. Tropez, Nice and St. Remo, one can get as many as 13 points. There are different programs of learning French with a duration of 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 weeks.

After such a trip, you will return home not only with a lot of positive experience and vivid impressions but also with extra points for your university and excellent knowledge of another foreign language.

Where There Be Dragons: North India Summer

Want something more exotic? What about India and the Himalayas? Yes, that sounds incredibly interesting. This is precisely what Where There be Dragons program from India offers. Here you will receive not only useful knowledge. One will also be able to travel through incredibly beautiful mountains, explore settlements, and immerse oneself in local culture and history for four weeks.

You can interact with local residents, take part in work on interesting collaborative development projects with other students. The program focuses on the issues of conservation of ecology and nature, gender equality, and political activity.

This is an excellent opportunity to take a break from noisy cities, get inspired, and reboot before studies in Autumn.

TU Berlin Summer University Courses 

If you are not tired of cities, technologies, and noisy streets, consider one of the most highly rated programs. TU Berlin Summer University Courses are for those who like the freedom of choice.

You can also take as much as 13 points to your native university and get some unforgettable experiences. 

Firstly, here is the possibility of meeting students from 40 countries and during the program designed for 4 or 10 weeks. Secondly, in addition to German culture and lots of useful and exciting acquaintances, you will gain knowledge in the field of Java programming and will be able to use this skill in further job applications. 

Berlin, programming, new people and lots of fun! What are you waiting for?


This program is ideal for those who love travel, sea, and would like to develop leadership skills. Passing the program will give you three credits, and you can travel 4,500 

miles along the coast from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean (British Virgin Islands, Azores, Gibraltar, and Spain) for 40 days. 

After such a trip, you will be inspired by sea air and in a great mood until next summer. 

The American University of Paris

Want to fill your summer with some romantic and incredibly beautiful views? Then the program taking place in Paris will fit you best.

The American University of Paris offers students to live for 2, 3, or 6 weeks in the capital of France and spend this time studying. You can choose from as many as 50 different courses that include different languages, business, art, psychology, etc.

Final Words

Remember that whatever program you choose, each will definitely bring positive experience, some additional credits, and some useful knowledge. Do not miss your chance to spend the summer of your dream!

Experience of a Lifetime: Top 7 Summer Exchange Programs

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