Feel The Confidence You Deserve

Society can be tough on us women. We’re told we’re not tall enough, not thin enough, our boobs aren’t big enough, we’re too pale, our shoulders are too broad, day in and day out. It’s no wonder that so many women wouldn’t use the word “beautiful” to describe themselves. Which is rather sad, when you think about it. We all deserve to feel fabulous, attractive, but most of all, confident in our own skin. But it’s hard; there’s no arguing that. So, if you sometimes berate yourself for how you look, or just want to tweak this or that, here are a few ways to become a little bit more accepting of yourself.

Feel The Confidence You Deserve

Embrace your natural beauty

If you consider the cosmetics market, it’s an impressive array of products made to alter almost every aspect of a person’s appearance. We can dye our hair all kinds of weird and wonderful colors, and then straighten, curl, sleeken or texturize it. We can lighten or darken our skin tone, change the color of our eyes or the shape of our brows, and we can remove every single hair that we don’t want. This industry exists to give us all the options under the sun, but when we strive to look different to ourselves, are we rejecting the way we look? Many women find that actually embracing their natural beauty, leaving the hair dye and fake tan behind, gives them more confidence in themselves. It’s unapologetic, striking, and it makes a statement to society: I am what I am, and I look wonderful. And that confidence shines through in everything, from the way you act to the way you look. So, don’t go ahead and throw all of your beauty products in the trash just yet, but try a day with less makeup, or an evening of natural hair, and learn to embrace the beauty you were born with.

Feel The Confidence You Deserve

Make the changes you want to see

Sometimes the way we look can seriously knock our confidence, especially if it’s something we’re grown up with. Whether it’s the boobs you wish were a little bit bigger, acne scars or stretch marks, there are some things which can be tricky to embrace. If they’re getting to you that much, why not consider how you can move forwards? Book an appointment with a >female plastic surgeon, buy shea butter for stretch marks in bulk, or even book an appointment to see a therapist. But don’t let your insecurities stop you from doing something about them – we have to create our own destinies.

Feel The Confidence You Deserve

Laugh, sleep, and drink water

Most importantly, look after the body you have. Wear clothes that suit you, eat well, drink a lot of water, get quality sleep, and exercise regularly, and your body, skin, and overall mental health will seriously thank you for it. But, perhaps even more importantly, don’t forget to laugh. Socializing with our best friends is seriously good for our well being, and it even acts as an antidepressant.

Your body is an incredible, magical machine – we just need to learn to embrace it to feel the confidence we deserve.


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