Flattering Hairstyles for Women by Their Face Shape

Haircut is definitely an important aspect of a woman’s personality. It defines her confidence, attitude and grace in the most simplest way. Every woman would love have their signature haircut that makes her look the best. But sometimes choosing a wrong hairstyle can end up being in the wrong place. Thinking how to choose the perfect hairstyle for you? Well, the idea depends on your face shape. There are plenty of hairstyles suitable for different face shapes like round, oval, square etc. Today we are gonna share you some of the best hairstyles for different face shapes.

Oval Face

Oval face shape is one of the most wanted face shapes of all times. Do you know why? Because almost all the hairstyles work flawlessly with an oval face. If your face is three times longer than it’s wide then you have an oval face. A beach wave long hair with layered locks would be the ideal hairstyle for this category, and a Nia Wig, can give you the desired look instantly. Instead of going for blunt bangs you can choose short or long bangs that are swingy. Pixie cut also looks amazing on oval faces as it helps to balance the face shape perfectly. Long bob also gets well with oval faces. All you need to take care of is to avoid ultra long hair as it elongates your face.

Round Face

Most women with round face with have weak jawlines.  So it’s better to draw attention away from the jaw. Gabriela Johansen from Headcurve says “getting the right haircut to naturally enhance the curves and lines of your face is the key to a flattering haircut.” You have a round face shape if your face is as wide as it’s long. Side swept bangs works absolutely fine with round faces a it helps to make their cheeks appear narrower. Long voluminous waves with side partition is also one of the best hairstyles for round faces. One hairstyle we wouldn’t suggest for you at all is straight  blunt cut.

Triangle shaped faces

You have a triangular face shape if your face is longer than it’s wider and your chin is square or flat in shape. Blunt cut bangs are ideally the best choice for these faces as it adds weight to the upper part of the face. Curtain bangs also work perfect on them as it helps to add weight and volume on both side of their forehead.  Tight bun is something you should let go of.

Heart shaped faces

Heart-shaped faces have a wide point at the cheeks, a narrow chin & a hard jawline. The trick here is to draw attention away from chin. A long bob above shoulders works cool with heart shaped faces as it softens their strong jawline. Blunt cut and long side swept bangs also looks incredibly beautiful on ladies with heart shaped faces. The wet look and baby bangs might not look good on them and hence it’s something to be avoided.

Square shaped faces

If your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are all about the same width the you probably have a square shaped face. This is one of the most photogenic shapes. Heavy fringes look really good on them as it helps to balance out a strong jawline. Long bob is yet another suitable style for them as it helps to frame their face and distract from their forehead, cheeks and jaw. Heavy bangs and pulled back hairstyles aren’t the right ones for them.


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