I absolutely HATE having my picture taken, but I do love this outfit!

These are a couple more pieces from the wardrobe, that Ulla Popken sent to me, to wear when I went to Cancun, in February.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jeans.  They are probably the first pair of jeans that I haven’t had to hem, and that’s a big deal!!!

(Ya know, I figured out that if I was a good 6 or 7 inches taller – I’d almost be…NOT AS BIG AS A BARN!)

The top isn’t shown to it’s best advantage in this pic,  It has the prettiest sparkly bling around the neckline. It works great with the jeans, but with a pair of loose black slacks, and some pumps or pretty sandals (I have the perfect pair, that is also from Ulla Popken), it would be prefect for a fancy night on the town.

Both the jeans and the top are machine washable.  The jeans went straight into the dryer, and I let the top drip-dry.

Both are Comfortable  – yes, with a capital C.

Ulla Popken as so many items of clothing to choose from.  Shorts, evening dresses, jeans and tops of all kinds.  They don’t carry bargain basement clothing…they offer great quality clothing at reasonable prices.

If you are interested in finding fantastic clothes from sizes from 12W  to 38W, then please consider heading on over and checking out their options.  I know that you’ll be glad that you did! Right now they are having a Spring Sale offering items for up to 75% off.

Keep coming back, because I have a lot more clothes to show you!

I received a number or articles of clothing from Ulla Popken for the purpose of reviews here on Libby’s Library.  This is no way clouds my judgement, or alters my opinions.  I always post true and honest reviews.

 Ulla Popken – Another Fantastic Outfit!
Ulla Popken – Another Fantastic Outfit!

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26 thoughts on “Ulla Popken – Another Fantastic Outfit!

  1. I love that top! What a great pattern, and the sparkle really makes it look nice. Plus, you don’t have to wear a necklace with it, which is great for traveling. And hooray for not having to hem jeans–I hate that! I went and looked at the Ulla Popkin website and found myself wishing they had some items in my size… beautiful stuff there!

  2. Comfort is a big deal for me. Especially in fashion. I love to look good. But not if I’m not comfortable. I love the shirt. it is quite fetching and I love shiny bling. 🙂

  3. Very nice outfit, the top looks great on you. I think my wife would love it because of the color and neckline.

  4. You look so comfortable and o me that’s the all important 8issue with clothing. Love the flow of that beautiful top.

    I;m going to mention this to my daughter and send her the link to their website. Thanks for the review.
    Carol L

  5. The top is really nice. I like what you have to say about the jeans. Im in the same category . My legs are so short I cant even get up in my sons truck without a stool LOL. I will check out this site as I need the bigger sizes too. Thank so much and I hope you have a good day today.

  6. Like you I do not like to have my picture taken – I always look so much older/fatter/strange… I must way you look very good and I like the top. I need plus size so I will check their website.

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