Furnace and AC Repair Elgin IL – Troubleshooting Your HVAC Ventilation Issues

Air conditioning units are a marvel of the modern world. They keep us cool in the summer, and they keep us warm in the winter. Most of our grandparents didn’t have that opportunity. Yet, when we compare ourselves to them, it just seems like they knew more.

Whenever they would get a new car, they opened it up and checked all of the parts, and learned about the mechanisms. This made them secure, and they knew how to fix their problems whenever they occurred. Click on this link to read more.

Because of the quick progress we’ve made, there are so many things now, and we can’t pay attention to all of them. Anything can break down. That includes cars, phones, computers, and HVAC systems. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn more about the world and fix a few easy problems that can be solved with a few minutes of reading.

An HVAC has a few parts. It has a thermostat that controls the air conditioner, furnace, fans, and ductwork. Based on the program in the thermostat, electric signals get sent to these parts, and they turn on or off. In the units themselves, there are filters that stop all the contaminants from entering our homes.

It sounds simple, now let’s get to troubleshooting your HVAC ventilation issues.


Troubleshooting Your HVAC Ventilation Issues Air conditioners lined up on outside of building

Before you do anything else, you need to be sure that the HVAC system has power. It would be best if you found the service panel. When you find the part, see if the circuit breaker is on. All of the components have a specific box for it and see what’s not working and turn it off.

When you are sure that there is no power running through it, wait for a minute and then turn it back on. If there is an electronic piece that’s brown or blackened, that needs to be replaced. Take a picture with your phone of the parts, that’s much easier to remember and show to a store worker.

After that comes the thermostat. Every half a year is an excellent time to replace the batteries in it. You can go to advantageheatac.com to read more.  Don’t wait until you see the red blinking light before you replace the batteries.

Air conditioner

Troubleshooting Your HVAC Ventilation Issues units outside of home

There is a quick way to determine if your air conditioner has gotten bad. First of all, make sure that the thermostat is working. Then, set it to cool and lower the temperature about 10 degrees. Then, put your arm up to a vent and see if there is any cool air that passes through in the next minute.

If there is no change, then you need to check for water below the unit itself. This isn’t bad and can be taken care of in a matter of hours. Turn off the thermostat and don’t touch anything for a few hours.

After three or four hours, you can go down and clean the dirty coils and try restarting. If it still doesn’t work, then it’s time to call a professional. A team of pros will come with the correct equipment, and they will check everything.


Filters stop contaminated particles from entering your home. By using fans, air from the outside gets cleaned, and then it comes inside, either cooled or heated. However, new thermostats have an addition, which increases the chances of malfunction.

Those are the auto and on settings. Most people don’t know that leaving the thermostat to an on setting will run continuously without stopping. Auto, on the other hand, only works when needed, which is a much better option.

About once every month, check the filter and see if it’s dirty. There’s usually an owner’s manual that tells you how to clean it, and follow through all the steps. Take a picture of the side of the filter with the arrow. This is crucial because you might forget which side the filter was in.

If you put it on the opposite side, that can do more harm than good. If you don’t have a cleanable filter, buy a disposable one and place it just like the one before it. Finally, if there are any problems with the air delivery, a team of pros can come over and take a look if there are any breaks.

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  • HVAC, as you said, is a marvel of the modern world. It keeps the atmosphere inside the room comfortable. But many find this system very complicated. But the way you have explained everything in simple words is unique.

    Checking the ventilation is very important. Also, excellent suggestions for choosing the auto mode of thermostat instead of on method. Thank you.


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