Garden Lounge: How to Create an External Living Room

The lounge area in your garden can be the most comfortable place to spend time in your entire home. Whether you’re relaxing by the lawn with friends, enjoying a glass of wine, or taking some time to yourself while reading a book, creating an outdoor lounge room will instantly improve your enjoyment and use of the space outside your home. If you’ve got the right furniture and features in place, you may never want to leave! Here are some helpful tips on how to create your very own outdoor lounging area that’s so comfortable you’ll never want to go inside again!

Add a Structured Ground

One of the simplest ways to make your garden more comfortable is by adding a structured ground. Indeed, the soil is likely uneven, making it tough to create an inviting lounging area. So, you need a flat and sturdy surface that will act as an extension of your home flooring plan. 

This can be done with decking or concrete slabs, which will provide a flat surface and allow you to keep the area more manageable. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to your surface, as both decking and concrete slabs will require maintenance. For a DIY job, concrete slabs are a more approachable task once the soil has been evened and flattened. You can anchor the slabs in place with grout anchor products such as Fosroc conbextra gp. Installing a decking area is best suited to projects run by a professional builder. 

Maintain Your Lawn

Beautifully Manicured Back Yard with Patio Seating

Maintaining your lawn is the most important part of creating a garden lounge. Indeed, if you choose to maintain some lawn surface around the lounging area, you will need to consider the best solution to keep it under control. 

Your lawn needs to be regularly mowed, which can require professional landscaping services if you are short on time. 

Alternatively, you can invest in artificial turf to save yourself the hassle of mowing. If you’re opting for artificial turf, make sure it’s a high-quality product.

Consider External Heat Sources

The main source of heat in a garden lounge is the sun, and it can be supplemented with electric heaters. Some of the best garden heaters, such as the AZ Patio Heater HDLS01-SSxxx, keep the patio welcoming even when the temperatures are freezing. 

Not one for electric heat sources? You can consider the addition of a fire pit as the centerpiece of your garden lounge. However, a word of warning: You should never use a charcoal grill in your garden lounge because they emit carbon monoxide and other pollutants. 

Invest in Quality Furniture

Garden Lounge: How to Create an External Living Room / Small Garden Patio Seating Arrangement with Plants and String Lights

Good quality furniture is worth the investment, and in this case, it will last for years. If you invest in good outdoor furniture, not only will it last, but it will also look great all year round. Quality outdoor furniture can be expensive, so don’t just decide based on what you like in a showroom. What you want to consider for your garden furniture:

  • UV-ray proof so it doesn’t lose its shine and color in prolonged exposure 
  • Waterproof as even a sheltered patio could be affected by side rainfall
  • Luxurious look and feel; nobody wants to sit on a basic plastic chair
  • Comfort

Are you ready to make the most of your garden and build an outdoor living room? Hopefully, these few tips can help you bring your outdoors to the next level.


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