Ghetto Fabulous – Review

 Ghetto Fabulous Stickers
Bobby, Owner of Ghetto Fabulous,
sent me a sample pack of his fun stickers. 
They are high quality,well made 
sturdy stickers,
and very reasonable in price! 
I'm asking you all to please support him
by watching his video,
and ordering from him.
Small businesses are the heart of this 
great country of ours!
I decided to create and print them about 
seven years ago.  In Europe they are 
referred to as distinguishing signs. 
They were on all the cars to help determine 
what the country of origin was. I - for Italy, 
F - for France, DK - for Germany 
and so on. 
Then they began printing them for states 
or vacation spots here in the US. 
VT - for Vermont, MV - for Martha's Vineyard, 
or OBX - for Outer Banks, N.C...
Well, I'm originally from Brooklyn, 
NY and I wanted my own sticker to 
represent where I was from (Frumz). 
In the process of designing them other 
expressions came to mind, like Ghetto Fabulous. 
To make it cost effective to 
print I decided to make enough of them 
to sell at a profit. At one point there 
were t-shirts, sweat shirts and hats. 
That may come back. The stickers didn't 
have a shelf life and they were easy to 
transport or mail so I stuck with them. 
When Craigslist came along I would post them 
there and sell a few. That's how 
they came to be on Bloggerdise.
Hats off to you Bobby.
May your business be a booming success!
PS Everyone...Keep your eyes peeled for another
short post about Ghetto Fabulous in the near future. 
It will be a fun one! 


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  • Stickers are one of those products that you can be so creative with.
    Good Luck To Bobby!!

  • Stickers never loose thier cool factor :0)

  • I stopped by your blog today (sorry not much of a wow factor). Love your blog layout and colors.


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