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Happy Mother's Day & A Giveaway!

Hi everyone.
Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m over at the Mormon Mommy Blog today!
(A Post on Parenting)
Check it out…and leave a nice comment,
if you have the time, and are so inspired:-)
If you are a mother
and you live in the US,
leave a comment telling me
what’s the best thing that you’ve
been given for Mother’s Day.
I’m going to choose my favorite answer,
and send the winner a copy of
Jodi Thomas’ brand new book,
Welcome to Harmony.
And be sure to leave
a valid email address with your comment!

Giveaway ends at 
Noon Central Time
Friday May 28th.

8 thoughts on “Happy Mother's Day & A Giveaway!

  • The best thing I ever got for mother's day was my child's smile. I had my first born just a few days before my birthday, so she was just a few weeks old on my first Mother's Day. She was the best thing that ever happened to me!

    [email protected]

  • Although I couldn't be personally with my son, his wife, and our brand new precious 23 day old first grandchild, they called and with the magic of technology, we were able to see each other through the computer. I had hoped they would do that but didn't know theirs or the little guy's schedule. As it went, he was fine…in fact, so fine, he fell asleep in his mommy's arms and no matter of chin tickling or my singing to him like I did when I was with him to help out the first 9 days would wake him. But he smiled and yawned and must have been having a great dream! 4 adults gushing at a sleeping baby for a good 20 min over the computer…but that was my best gift even though my hubby cooked my favorite dinner (hot dogs on his grill–simple girl to please) and he bought me a new DVD and cover for my iPhone that my son gave me early for Mother's Day when I went out to be there for the baby's birth (which only took 43 hours and wound up in an emergency C-section,bless their hearts!)…all great gifts but sorry, seeing that grandson was the best! Who would ever have thought I would be this nuts about a baby? but that's my answer…hope your Mother's Day was just as good because I know you deserve it too!

  • I received the best gift ever this year! It wasn't as expensive as some other gifts but it was absolutely perfect for me. I received a Mother's Day card and flowers picked out by my 4 year old! My husband had to work on Mother's Day, so my son woke me up and whispered that he had a surprise for me in the kitchen. I walked in and the flowers were sitting in a beautiful vase on the kitchen table and the card was resting against it. The best part of the card was that my son actually signed it by himself! He has been fighting us with his writing skills, so I felt so honored he took the time to write his name alone (us mothers are so easily pleased!). Needless to say, I burst out in happy tears when I saw that and hugged him until he asked me, a little breathlessly, to let go. Then I called and thanked my husband for my wonderful gift. In that moment I truly felt lucky and loved.
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  • I love all those special Hand made cards. I save all the cards we get and she likes to cut hearts and stuff out of them to decroate the front of the construction paper cards and always writes inside, with x & o's. So sweet.
    I did the same thing for my Mom when I was growing up.
    [email protected]

  • I'm 84 now and my daughter takes good care of me so everyday is like Mother's Day. But since I can't walk anymore I usually sit around all day in nice comfy pajama's my daughter buys me, She bought me some more for Mother's day and she puts a lot of time into them. I can't sew anymore do to arthritis so she hand sews every pair, from the sleeves, to the length of the top and even the hem on the pants. I think she puts a lot into my care and that's why everyday feels like Mother's day to me.

    [email protected]

  • My daughter contacted me two weeks before Mother's Day by phone. Out of the clear blue, she wanted me to be part of her and her 3 1/2 year old son's life, my grandson. Mine was not an easy marriage and she is my only child. My husband had no use for me after she was born. He always sided with her and she did not think very much of me. When the divorce happened, I could hardly function. Our mother/daughter relationship fell completely apart. I have prayed for a miracle healing between us and really wanted to see my grandson as he grew up. Her phone call was the answer to my prayers. She bought me a plane ticket for Mother's Day to come and see them. As a mother, this was the best Mother's Day that I have ever had. I feel a healing will come slowly with time and has started. She could see what the systemic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis have done to my body. As she works with some of the medications used for these auto immune diseases, she has offered to help me by researching the drugs and their costs. I just can't put into words how much her reaching out to me means to me as her mother. I am the happiest that I have been in a long time.

  • The best thing I ever got for Mother's Day, was when my daughter was little she brought me some wild flowers she picked. Then she gave me a big hug and said I love you mommy.



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