Have you heard about Heinz Cleaning Vinegar? #HeinzVinegar

 Heinz Cleaning Vinegar, is an efficient natural cleaning product

I’ve used vinegar for some of my cleaning chores, for quite a long time.  I only just learned that Heinz makes a cleaning vinegar.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar

I found the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar at Walmart, in the condiments aisle, with all the other vinegar.

I found Heinz Cleaning Vinegar
in the vinegar section at my
local Walmart.

Using vinegar is great for those who have allergies, as it’s a healthy cleaning option.  Vinegar offers  chemical-free cleaning and  green cleaning .

I like to use vinegar to clean my electric tea kettle.  I don’t drink tea or coffee, but I use my kettle for boiling water, all the time.  It gets a white build up in the interior.  I pour vinegar straight out of the bottle, right into the kettle.  I let it sit for a bit, then twirl it around, then rinse.

(This works for irons and shower heads, too.)
Heinz Cleaning Vinegar
will tackle mineral
build up.

Some people don’t care for the smell of vinegar…I don’t mind it at all.  The odor will dissipate quickly, so don’t let that keep you from giving it a try.  I’m not cheap, but I do try to be frugal, so when I was finished soaking the inside of my kettle, I poured the vinegar from it, into a glass vase, that had a bit of a build up in it.

Using Heinz Cleaning Vinegar
to clean a glass vase.

It didn’t take long for it to work, so I poured the vinegar from the vase, into  some hot soapy water, that I had waiting in the sink. Waste Not – Want Not.  I used this mixture to clean the filter from the  exhaust over my stove top.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar
cuts grease.

Vinegar can help to break down greasy gunk. On the side of the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar bottle, it  lists ways to use vinegar in your cleaning routine. When I used to clean houses, we would always use a vinegar and water solution, to mop new laid tile…as it did not harm the  fresh grout. I also used it on my terazzo floors.

(Note – do not use vinegar on marble surfaces.)
Uses for Heinz
Cleaning Vinegar

There are so many other ways to clean with vinegar.

Microwave:   Mix 1/2 cup  vinegar and 1/2 cup water in a microwave-safe bowl. Bring mixture to a boil inside the microwave. Any baked on food will become easy to wipe away, and odors will disappear.

Deodorize your garbage disposal:  Pour  1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup hot  vinegar, into the drain in your sink.  Let sit for 5 minutes then run hot water down the disposal.

Clean the inside of your refrigerator:  Use a half-and-half solution of water and vinegar.

Get rid of smells and some stains in plastic ware:   Wipe with a cloth dampened with vinegar.

Remove some carpet stains and odors:   Mix up a paste of 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1/4 cup salt or baking soda. Rub into the carpet stain and let dry. Vacuum up the residue the next day. Great for pet accidents! (Be sure to FIRST TEST on an inconspicuous area of the carpet.).

Kill germs:  Spray full-strength vinegar on doorknobs and then wipe them dry.  Use on cloth to clean light switch plates, phones, and keyboards.

The possibilities are almost endless:-)


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Have you heard about Heinz Cleaning Vinegar? #HeinzVinegar
Have you heard about Heinz Cleaning Vinegar? #HeinzVinegar

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9 thoughts on “Have you heard about Heinz Cleaning Vinegar? #HeinzVinegar

  1. Thanks for reminder i need to clean my tea kettle with vinger, another tip i add about 1/2c vinegar when i wash my towels at the end of the cycle when you rinse it, its great if you dry clothes on a clothe rack outside makes towels stay soft.

  2. I did not know Heinz made a cleaning vinegar! I use vinegar for a lot of things! We have animals in the house so I don’t like using anything harsh that could hurt them so vinegar is a great alternative! Thanks for this info!!

  3. I use vinegar to clean almost every thing but I had not heard of the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar yet! The next time I am out of vinegar I am going to get the Heinz Vinegar!!!

  4. Heinz cleaning is an amazing cleaning solution. Your cleaning recipe is awesome! Thanks for sharing your this helpful cleaning guideline.

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