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Here’s How to Choose the Best Automatic Gate Opener

Electric gates, while providing convenience, also keep your premises secure. However, it is important to choose the correct gate automation kit to turn your manual gates to automatic. Considering that gates come in all sizes, weight, and style, choosing the right gate automation kit can be a tough job.

Here is a basic guide to the various types of gates and how to choose the best automatic gate opener.

Automation for Swing Gates

Probably the most popular kind of gate, swing gates the largest selection of automation systems. The selection of the automation system will depend on the size and weight of your gate.

  • Long and thin, Rams are mounted on the gate with the other end mounted on the gate post. Using linear screws or hydraulic pistons, the attachment point is moved by extending or retracting, depending on whether the gate is opened or closed. For instance, the experts recommending GateAutomation gate automation kits will help you understand the strength of rams and how they can last for a long time. However, they require a little bit of effort to set the angles right.
  • Attached to a motor that is housed and mounted on the gate post, articulated arms are also attached to the gate itself. They open and close with the turning of the motor. More tolerant of installation inaccuracies, articulated arms require less force to operate.
  • Underground and in-post motors are very popular as well. They are hidden in pits sunk into the ground or installed within the gate post. The arms are connected to the base of the gate with the other end connected to the motor. While underground and in-post motors provide a better look, they require very precise installation and also good drainage. Since they operate with the gate hinges, the amount of force required is more than the ram or articulated systems.

Automation for Sliding Gates

A track-mounted along the gate’s travel route, a rack-mounted on the entire length of the gate, and a gear mounted on the motor shaft operate the sliding gate automated system. While automated cantilever gates also work in the same manner, they do not require a track running below as they are balanced around a rolling point.

Accessories for Automated Gate Systems

In order to make the automated gate systems more secure, and to enable superior ease of use, accessories such as intercoms, timers, GSM modules and ground loops are available. Accessories can be installed at the same time as the automated gate systems or at any later stage, depending on the requirements. There are thousands of options for accessories to automated gate systems; therefore, choosing the correct and required ones can be very difficult. The best way out is to list down what would really help and make operations easier.

Some of the important accessories are:

Intercom: Your gate might be a bit of a distance away or hidden behind a bend of the driveway. An intercom system helps in knowing who is at the gate before opening it.

Access Control: Access controls are useful to operate gates using different devices like card readers, vehicle tag readers or digital keypads. They allow you to operate your gates without having to either get down from the car or walk up to it from the house.

Video Surveillance: An added security feature, video surveillance systems can be installed to view and record the gate area.

The Way Forward

Once you have decided to install an automated gate system, it is best to hire a competent professional to get the task done well. Incorrect installation will lead to days of frustration as the gates will not operate as required. A good gate engineer will help select and install the correct system for your gates.





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  • My wife and I had a conversation last Wednesday night where we decided that we would look into getting automatic driveway gate openers installed. We think it will be a great addition to our home and that’s when I decided to do some research on it. I did some looking around online and fortunately, I found your brilliant post. I really appreciate you explaining how incorrect installation will lead to days of frustration as the gates will not operate as required. You bring up a good point here, one I’m sure those like my wife and I will be happy to have heard of. Thank you for this! I’ll share this with her in a bit!

  • I appreciate it when you said that choosing the correct gate automation kit is essential to turn your manual gates to automatic. Considering that gates come in all sizes, weights, and styles, choosing the right gate automation kit can be a tough job. My brother is planning to have a little space outdoors where he could do this stuff like customizing his car. He said that he wanted his place to be away from children for safety purposes. I will share this with him so he could consider having swing gates installed to prevent the kids from entering his work area.


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