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How To Make a Charitable Donation Without Donating Money in 2023

Inflation is causing many Americans to tighten their belts, and as a result, many charities are also feeling the strain. We all want to impact the world positively, and donating to charitable causes is often the first notion that enters our heads. Yet, with the cost-of-living crisis hanging over our heads, how do we contribute without donating what we can’t afford to give?

Thankfully, in 2023, there are multiple ways to give back without relying solely on monetary donations.

From donating your vehicle and leaving a gift in your will to volunteering for community clear-up projects and using your social media platforms to raise awareness, we outline several ways to make a charitable donation that aren’t solely monetary in our article below:

Donate Your Vehicle

Every year, approximately sixty-nine million cars break down or give up for good on highways in the United States, causing car owners to mutter a string of obscenities, call a mechanic, or leave the car to rot in their garage.

While the latter option is a popular choice for car owners that cling to the hope that their old, rusty wagon will one day be able to get back on the road, often they end up lying forgotten in the garage when they could be helping them give back to a charity of their choice.

Regardless of age, make, or model, any car can be donated to a good cause using hubs for car donation organizations like Car Donation Centers, which help connect potential donors with various charities across the United States.

Visit their website to find out how to donate a car to charity, the list of charities they partner with, and read FAQs. Contact them directly for specific inquiries and discover how they could help you give back without donating money today.

Leave A Gift In Your Will

Another way you can make a charitable donation without donating money in 2023 is by remembering your favorite charitable organization in your will. After all, you cannot take your finances to the afterlife, which is an excellent way to ensure positivity in the future. It can also reduce the tax your estate pays so your family can make the most of their inheritance.

Typically, you have two options when leaving a gift for charity in your will. Either specify your favorite charitable organization or let your trustees of your Will decide where the gift will go. Your donation doesn’t have to be monetary either; it could be a share of your residuary estate or a specific property/asset – just be sure to leave their registered charity numbers in your will, too, to save confusion!

Shop With Charitable Platforms

It’s no secret nowadays that many Americans love online shopping, so much so that you can use your online shopping experience to donate to charitable causes when you shop with charitable platforms. For example, when you use the popular online marketplace Amazon, they have a feature called AmazonSmile which will donate a percentage of your purchase to an organization of your choice.

Some websites even allow you to round up the cost of your purchase at checkout and donate the difference to a charity of your choosing. If you were to use this feature every time you shopped online, it would soon add up to a small sum, and one that you’re highly unlikely to miss!





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