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How to Prepare for the Best At-Home Spooktober Season

Australia was never known for Halloween. On the contrary, the country is famous for notoriously not getting into the spooky October spirit. While the west welcomes trick-or-treating, dressing up in extravagant fantasy wear, and elaborate Halloween-themed home decor, the Land Down Under has a more low-key approach to the fun holiday. But plenty of Australians still celebrate Halloween, especially families with small children who appreciate the festivities and traditions that are highly popularised in Netflix shows, including Sabrina and Stranger Things.

Traditionally, Australians place an orange balloon outside of their homes when they welcome trick-or-treating. But with virus restrictions, you may want to bring the celebrations inside the home. You can still make the day extra special and super fun for you and your kids by following these tips — from picking out the cutest Halloween costumes in Australia to carving fruit jack-o-lanterns and baking cookies.

Halloween Costumes

A crucial factor in a good Halloween celebration is dressing up to your favourite characters and themes. It’s the one time of the year where you can let loose and be whatever you want, whether cute, witchy, or magical. Some of last year’s costumes were so good that they went viral, and if you want to fill your social media feed with some spooky flex, then pick out a costume that will make people fall off their seats in awe.

Creative souls can have a blast sewing, altering, and customising the perfect get-up. Still, if you aren’t too well-versed with operating a sewing machine, then you can pick out Halloween costumes in Australia online. You can find anything from zombie princesses to bloody schoolboys and black mistresses — the possibilities are endless. For an extra bit of fun, try getting your entire family on board with matching costumes to dress up as famous Halloween families, such as the Addams Family and the cast of The Series of Unfortunate Events.

Fruit Jack-o-Lanterns

America is pretty famous for its tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns with pumpkin, but that is because the country is abundant in pumpkin patches, complete with scarecrows and fallen autumn leaves. Unfortunately, pumpkins are not that common in Australia, so locals started creating a twist to the fun, family-friendly lantern-carving activity.

Meet the Halloween fruit jack-o-lanterns, which you can carve with any fruit with a tough exterior and a mushy, scoopable interior. Those include watermelons, melons, coconuts, pineapples, and more. These are more affordable and easily accessible alternatives to a pumpkin. You can make fun desserts with the fruit as well!

Halloween Cookies

Some of the best Halloween festivities include the grand feast right before the sun sets, and trick-or-treating comes in full bloom. Think Thanksgiving, but with a spooky twist through Halloween elements, such as little ghosts, bats, and candy corns. Make your favourite cookies Halloween-themed by using custom cookie cutters or shaping them out yourself. A little bit of food colouring and icing also goes a long way in helping you decorate the spookiest cookies of the year.

Check out Pinterest for other fun Halloween dessert ideas that you can enjoy with your family, friends, and children. While you may not be able to go all-out in this year’s celebrations, you can certainly keep the creative spirit up with some kitchen activities.

The Australian Halloween is not as boring as you may think — as long as you make it fun! You don’t have to follow what the rest of the world does. Create your family traditions and make every October a month to look forward to.

How to Prepare for the Best At-Home Spooktober Season

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