How to Start a Flower Garden after Moving into Your New Home

Maintaining a flower garden is more than just the beauty and amazing natural fragrances. It is a rewarding experience that’s great fun at the same time.

For those of us with a green thumb, flower gardening is not an option but a must – provided we have the space. But you don’t have to be the most ardent green ambassador to start your own flower garden. Anyone can do it.  But, if someone wishes to have additional knowledge in starting their garden, promote tree care and landscaping services to help them.   

In terms of what to expect, flower gardening is much like having a fish aquarium: it does take effort, but it’s fairly easy to maintain if you are up for it.

If you’re done with the tedious drill of having to look for moving companies and relocating to your new digs, you might need a new project to engross yourself in. Flower gardening is a great place to start.

How to Start a Flower Garden after Moving into Your New Home

Assuming you have the space to work with, the steps involved are nothing like solving a math problem; to a large part, that is.

Step 1: Decide on the location

What type of garden do you have in mind – your own little backyard oasis or something to boost the curb appeal?

Establish your gardening site and decide what you want to achieve with it.

As well, consider the area of your home that’s most suited to a flower garden. Think about the topography and soil, moisture conditions, and light, and keep in mind the frost conditions too.Ask Stockton garden experts for some professional advice

Flowers will react differently depending on the conditions.

Step 2: Map it out

This is where you’ll put your design skills to the test. You need to have a general vision of what the garden will look like before you start work on it.

Establishing a focal point from which you’ll work your way out from helps as this provides structure and flow.

You don’t have to tackle the whole garden at once: feel free to do it in stages, evaluating what works and the steps you need to take next.

Importantly, though, draw the garden space for better clarity and proceed to lay out the design, complete with accurate dimensions.

Step 3: Prepare the land

Now starts the actual work. You need to prep the land for the incoming blooms, whether you plan to start with already established plants or from seed.

Shovel and till the land properly, removing any grass (roots included) and breaking up the dirt. The idea is to prime it in readiness for the top soil you’ll add on later.

Step 4: Add the topsoil

This is the first layer of the soil and needs to be about 5-12 inches. You’ll need to supplement it with organic matter since it needs to be as nutrient-dense as possible.

If you have homemade compost, great; if not, you can readily find it in stores.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure about the quality of your topsoil, consider purchasing commercial topsoil to make for a more fertile garden.

Step 5: Buy your flowers

There is no shortage of flower types to grow, that’s for certain.

However, it’s not all about individual preference: climate matters too, as does type of flowers – choose between annual (these are replanted annually and bloom for just a season) and perennial (planted only once and bloom each time in season) or opt for a mix of both.

Step 6: Planting

If you’re planting from seeds, you’ll need to grow the seeds inside your home about a fortnight or three weeks ahead of the time you plan to plant them outside. Ideal time for most flowers is the last frost of the spring season.

If you plan to use established plants, wait until the last frost and then dig separate holes for each flower plant. Do some homework on the amount of space the plant requires – usually, the bigger its ability to grow, the more space you’ll require.

Also, check on how often you need to be watering.

From there, it’s all about the maintenance.

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  • Hello, Sherman! I agree with your point that maintaining a flower garden is more than just the beauty and amazing natural fragrances. Even though I like planting flowers, roses are my favorite ones. Your blog and tips to plant flowers are really helpful, keep writing and thanks for sharing!


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