Happy Border Collie - How To Train a Dog Effectively

How To Train A Dog Effectively

It’s important to train a puppy if you bring one into the family. They should never be expected to simply learn good behavior through your will alone. They need to know what their boundaries are, or they will cross them. They need to know how to act in certain situations – or you will not be able to control them. While some dogs do have personality issues that could cause them to become more aggressive (especially if they are a rescue with a prior history of abuse), mostly, a dog is only as good as their owner and trainer teaches them to be.

Training your dog is a comprehensive process. First, you need to ensure that you train them due to their specific needs as a breed. Training a King Charles Spaniel looks much different to training a Husky, which is quite obvious on the surface, but some may not consider this outright. Training a dog can be a repetitive and sometimes difficult process, and we couldn’t possibly list every single consideration here. However, we can provide vital tips to train your dog in the best manner possible – so let us begin:

High Frequency & Volume

There is a somewhat pressed time schedule in which you need to train your dog carefully in their youth. This is where they will build the practices and habits that they will use their entire lives. You can teach an old dog new tricks, but it’s always best to start fresh and stay consistent. This means finding a trainer in your area, especially one specialized for your breed, is important. Then, attending perhaps once or twice a week is also the next crucial step. But more than that – practice what you have learned. This might be playing fetch with them in the garden for half an hour each evening, walking with them on a lead to get them used to other dogs, or installing doggy doors to ensure they slowly begin to potty train in the healthiest possible manner. High frequency and volume both matter at this essential stage.

Keep Your Calm

Dogs may not ‘play ball’ with their training stimulus for a time. Stay patient, stay calm, stay consistent. The moment that you lose your temper is the moment that your boundaries are not as stable as they once were. Never, ever, ever strike your dog, or grab them in order to force the behavior you want physically. All that will show you are unsuitable to own a dog in the first place. It can be a stressful process this, but you just need to keep faith in the process.

Keep It Simple & Straightforward

Keeping it simple and straightforward is an essential part of excellent training. Do not expect them to ‘toilet train’, learn how to play dead, fetch and also stay completely calm off-the-lead in public within a space of a month. Dogs need regularity, schedules, and also to understand one thing before the next occurs. A great trainer can help you to this end.

With this advice, we hope you can better train your dog effectively.


How To Train A Dog Effectively

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