Your teeth can be discolored by many different types of food and drink, and regardless of how white your teeth might be, the constant passing of sweet and acidic compounds can have a negative effect on the whiteness of your teeth. Tobacco, alcohol and many foods will cause the tooth enamel to stain, and while you should limit your intake, regular brushing and use of an antiseptic mouthwash will go a long way towards preventing tooth discoloration.

The Undeniable Benefits of Teeth Whitening
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Range of Effective Treatments

There are a few effective treatments that will result in whiter teeth, and whether you are looking for teeth whitening in Northbridge, or any other area of NSW, an online search will reveal the whereabouts of a nearby orthodontic clinic and you can make an exploratory appointment. Here are the main forms of treatments available for whitening your teeth.

* Laser Teeth Whitening – This is by far the most effective way to attain whiter teeth and should you be suitable, this would be the treatment your orthodontist would recommend. When carried out by an expert, this treatment is perfectly safe, and after the specialist has coated your teeth with a special solution, a beam of light is directed onto the tooth surface, thus causing a reaction with the solution that cleans away ingrained stains, without harming the tooth enamel. There are some exceptions to this form of treatment – any person under the age of 18, or if tooth decay is present, and most certainly pregnant women are excluded from laser treatment. This treatment takes about 90 minutes, as the process is completed three times in total and with an expert in attendance, you can be sure of good results.

* At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits – You can buy over the counter home teeth whitening kits, yet they are to be avoided. If you really want a home treatment, ask your orthodontist to prepare an at home teeth whitening kit for you, which will contain a special apparatus that has been moulded to fit your teeth perfectly. Some people have an ingrained fear of sitting in a dentist’s chair (likely due to a bad childhood experience) and the at-home kit is ideal, with easy to follow directions.

*Thorough Cleaning – For the very best results, your teeth and gums should be thoroughly cleaned, which can be achieved with an appointment for a professional cleaning session. This exposes all of the tooth surfaces to the treatment, giving you far better results. Your general oral health should be good, so your dentist might advise waiting a while before having the tooth whitening treatment until other issues have been resolved.

It is best to let the expert decide on which treatment you should have, and if you have just relocated and do not have a regular orthodontist, an online search will help you locate a clinic that is within driving distance. The orthodontist might recommend other treatments first, in order to prepare for the teeth whitening treatment, or he might schedule a teeth cleaning appointment, which can immediately be followed by teeth whitening.

With whiter teeth, you will have more self-confidence and this will have a positive effect on your career, as well as your social life. You have nothing to lose by looking into the possibilities and everything to gain by improving your smile.

The Undeniable Benefits of Teeth Whitening

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