And you will too, if the Fairy Hobmother comes to visit YOU!

The Fairy Hobmother (AKA Matt Mitchell – YES The Fairy Hobmother is a He Fairy), flits around the blogosphere, spreading light and joy, by rewarding bloggers that put a lot of work and effort into their sites. I am truly honored to have been visited by the Fairy Hobmother.  He’s sprinkled me with fairy dust, that magically became a $50 Amazon Gift Code!

When the Fairy Hobmother isn’t brightening the lives of bloggers, he and his fairy overloards, are busy running ApliancesOnline – one of the LARGEST suppliers of Tumble Dryers.  WOW – wish I had known about them when all our kids were growing up (we have 10). I cannot tell you how many washing machines and dryers we went through!

It’s people like Matt Mitchell, that make me believe that free enterprise is alive and well, as is the kindness of strangers.

Thank You Fairy Hobmother!

PS – Did you know that the Fairy Hobmother finds his bloggers, via the comments that are left on these posts? It’s true, so be sure to leave a thought or two…who knows…the Fairy Hobmother might come visit YOU!

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I Believe In Faries.

I Believe In Fairies…

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  1. That is so AWESOME! I am on my 3nd set of washer/dryer well 4th if you count the used set that came with the house. My first set lasted 14 years the 2nd ‘supposed’ to be better set lasted less than 4.. so anyways I agree with kids you are always doing wash. I think people like Matt are awesome paying it forward and rewarding others! Plus everyone can use a little fairy every so often! 🙂

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