Organizing for the New Year – My Pantry

I’m very fortunate to have a large pantry…but I tend to let it get messy:-(

Thankfully, I have one of my daughters living with me for a time, and she has been fantastic.  Helping me with so many projects around the house.  Recently my pantry got an overhaul…just wish that I had taken “before” photos!

No matter what size your pantry is, you should do a complete cleaning at least once a year.  Be sure to check for out dated items.  Commercially canned goods, usually have a “best by date”.  They can often be safe to eat, as long as the cans aren’t damaged.  Dry goods, on the other hand, need to be tossed.  Cake mixes, pancake mixes, biscuit mixes, and the like, should not be used once they are past their prime.

In my pantry we’ve used plastic baskets that we picked up at Dollar Tree, Tupperware, Sterlite Bins AND…  Can Organizers.  I love these sturdy organizers. I’ve had them for years, and they are is perfect shape. My girls got them for me, and they work so well.

What about you?  Do you have any pantry organization tips?  If so, I’d be thrilled to hear about them!

Organizing for the New Year – My Pantry

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0 thoughts on “Organizing for the New Year – My Pantry

  1. actually i dont have such a big pantry as yours but im giving you thumbs up for this blog post 🙂 thanks for sharing. i think this might help me in the future

  2. OMG! I love how big you pantry is. Mine is about half the size of yours. I keeep my pantry very organized because it is so small. Great tips!

  3. I didn’t realize that dry goods had to be tossed. I try to stay on top fo my goods and watch the dates.

  4. My pantry isnt near as big as yours – I would like to have one that big . I try to keep up to date on the dates on them at least twice a year . I find those little bugs here lately in the pasta boxes more than I ever did. I try to keep thing in containers if I can. I rotate my old to the front new to the back

  5. i always put things in storage containers in the back, that i dont use as much.. i can see thru them and know whats there also i keep a list so when i go grocery shopping i know what i already have and how many

  6. Your pantry is so big and nicely organized. I want to get an organized pantry started this year! I am going to get some shelving units like yours and start organizing!

  7. I don’t have a pantry, just cabinets, so we don’t let things get old, we just buy them as we need them. On the other hand, we do have 2 freezers, which DO get overloaded. Last weekend I noticed the one over the fridge was getting to where it wouldn’t close anymore, so I decided it was time to clean out. Holy moley, there were things in there that I didn’t recognize as food anymore!! Frozen food has expiration dates as well.

  8. You have a really nice sized pantry with lots of shelf space. Labeling things really helps me a lot. I use little baskets to store small items like spices and flavoring packets too.

  9. love this pantry wow lots of storage, great organization. Really love the idea for soup can make it so much easier to organize and display them and your not going through every can to find what your looking for.

  10. So organized! When going into a pantry like that, I like to pretend I’m shopping for free in a little store.

  11. i am so jealous….i wish i had a pantry that was that big. i love those ‘can organizer’ boxes. those are too cool.

  12. Although I do not have a pantry – I do overhaul my cabinets at least twice a year. I am always on the look out for bins & such to help. I also use the boxes that cans come in as they fit perfectly on my shelf & hold just the right amount of cans

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