If I Should Die Before My Dog – Review & Giveaway

A Dog Lovers lasting guide…….An beautifully illustrated interactive book that one fills in all of the information about their
dogs life in the event they can no longer care for them to help ensure your pets are taken care of.

A thought provoking check list for dog lovers, who unfortunately and with much sadness can no longer take care of their dog. 

This book will assist those who want to prepare for their dogs future in an easy to use format that will guide them through the process of telling the “story” of their dogs life, for their pets “Next Guardian”. 

None of us can predict the future, but in the event situations arise such as death, health impairment or left with no other choice but to give them up, this book will be there to assist your beloved pet with the transition from one home to another.
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About the Authors
Author photo.jpg
Authors Joe and Cathy Connolly
Joe and Cathy Connolly have spent a lifetime owning, training and caring for dogs. Cathy grew up with a Collie breeder, dog groomer and dog handler while attending many different dog shows and eventually went on to work with other breeders as she grew older. They live in beautiful Northern Michigan with their 3 furry four legged children, one large dog, one small dog and the entire family is supervised by one bossy calico cat. 

Being privileged to have 2 wonderful dogs in my life right now, this book  really has a special place in my heart.  My puppies are family, and as such, need to be loved and well cared for.  I know that my husband would be able to continue to provide for them, should I pass on anytime soon, but if the two of us should be killed in a car accident died in some other way, I would want my children to know all of Gabe and Poe’s needs.This book provides all the necessary information, in one convenient place, for anyone who would take over their care! I simply fill in the information and voile  -their story, health history, diet,  schedules, favorite toys and games – are readily available at the touch of their caregivers fingertips.As far as I’m concerned, this is a must have for all dog owners!  I plan to get a couple more copies, so that one can be kept on file at my vet’s office, along with one for a neighbor, and for my second oldest son, who will probably be the one to take over the care for my furbabies.
The Connolly’s are offering a special discount during the course of this book tour.
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To enter for a chance to win one of 5 signed copies of If I Should Die Before My Dog, go to THIS POST.
Open US/CA, UK and Europe
Ending on Tuesday 18th December at 11.59pm EST
Good Luck!
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If I Should Die Before My Dog – Review & Giveaway 
I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books, all the opinions above are 100% my own.
If I Should Die Before My Dog – Review & Giveaway

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0 thoughts on “If I Should Die Before My Dog – Review & Giveaway

  1. Thanks Libby for such a great review, it is so important that we all have a good plan for those special dogs we share our lives with.
    AND, people are asking about a book for cats______the truth is YES, it’s already Copyrighted!!! How could we forget our precious cats!!!! After all remember our house is ruled by one bossy calico named Lily! She wanted to make sure that everyone who has a special kitty in their house had a special book too!

    Rod Lawerence our illustrator for “If I Should Die Before My Dog__” will be doing the illustrations for the cat book too! He does such beautiful work no one else would do!!!!

  2. I totally agree with you, Livvy, that all dog owners should have a copy of the book on hand. And yes, I ordered a couple of extra books myself!

  3. This is something that all pet owners should consider. I know that I personally want peace of mind to know that my fur baby is cared for, should I pass before him.

    1. It does give great peace of mind, and one never knows from one day to the next what may happen in our lives. Another very important reason for the book is for those poor babies that must be given up to rescues! This book will assist rescue workers in finding the perfect forever home for those precious pets. It will give them all the information needed to find that new home and make the transition from one home to another much easier for everyone.
      Many have said that it makes a wonderful memory book, just like a baby book for children, what a great idea!

  4. We always make plans for our two legged children in case something happens to us so I definitely think every animal owner should make plans for their four legged children. The book sounds like it would give you all the information we may not think of on our own but is equally important. I am going to check out the book for a friend of mine. Thanks for the review.

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