So Don’t You Think That Calls for a GIVEAWAY?
What would you like:
Another book giveaway?
A handcrafted item from me…
Custom Glass Tile Pendent or Custom Clipboard?
Grab Bag of Goodies?
Leave a comment letting me know which would be your pick!
I’ll make a decision as soon as I get 20 comments!
I'm 300 Twitter Followers Strong – Giveaway

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0 thoughts on “I'm 300 Twitter Followers Strong – Giveaway

  1. I would also love a grab bag of goodies. But then I would love it if you could also have a Math Rocks! TI-INspire Giveaway from Texas Instruments. I have been trying so hard to win one of the giveaways for this graphing calculator. Just a suggestion.

  2. I really love this blog, I would go for the book giveaway too but can't ignore grab bag.:)
    Twitter have further technicalities using "marketontwitr" but it's an easy tool to use.


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