I love crafting and scrapbooking.  I love making tutus and hair accessories.  I love making jewelry and anything sparkly…yep I’m artsy fartsy!

I tend to do a lot of paper crafts.  It’s amazing what is on the market these days, that help fuel my addiction.  The paper and card stock. The punches and embossing sleeves.  The adhesives and embellishments ..and the Rubber Stamps.   My, Oh My Oh My!

Rubber stamps come in every size, and every shape, and for every “occasion” that you can think of. Combine them with inks in every color imaginable, and then add embossing powders, and I’m in crafting heaven.  Single stamps, complete collections, traditional stamps, and cling stamps, self-inking stamps… I love them all.

I also love office stamps – for return addresses and signatures (for myself, and my dog Gabe – who has his own fan base:-).  It’s no lie, when I tell you that I could spend hours every day, working of my crafts – playing with all my tools – stretching my wings and trying new things.

Spending an afternoon wandering through an office supply store, hobby/craft store, or perusing all the online options, is music to my ears.  I would almost rather get crafting supplies as gifts than to receive jewelry (if my husband is reading this – I said ALMOST).

In this day and age, we so often text, send emails, and leave messages for friends and loved ones, on social media sites.  It’s such a lovely gesture, to send something through the mail, that’s been signed in our own handwriting, and picked out with care.  Doesn’t it make you feel special (and brighten your day), when you find a note, letter, or card in your physical mailbox?  I know that I do, and I love making and sending notes, cards and letters, and much as I enjoy receiving them.

Yes – it takes a little more time and effort, but gosh – it’s so worth it!

What about you?  Are you artsy fartsy?  Do you enjoy any creative outlets?

Tell me about them!

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I’m Artsy Fartsy
I’m Artsy Fartsy

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0 thoughts on “I’m Artsy Fartsy

  1. Love being creative. It gives me a sense of being, relaxing, taking my mind off troubles. I make jewelry – although I have dabbled in sewing, paper crafts, scrapbooking…but my heart belongs to my beads….stop by if you get a chance…

  2. No, I have to say I’m not artsy, but I really wish I were. I can’t draw or cut a straight line to save my soul, even with the help of a ruler!! I really admire those that can do all that neat stuff but alas, I cannot!!

  3. My thing is crochet. Crocheting has helped me through some of the worst times. My late daughter was incredibly talented She was a fantastic artist and has painted many memorial paintings featuring beloved pets.

  4. Yes! I do cards for Operation Write Home, Hospitalized Kids and Send A Smile 4 Kids. I’m a blogger with Just a Scrappin’ and love it. Would not go back to just doing what everyone else does. Happy and Safe New Year.

  5. I’m pretty artsy with a colored pencils, a graphite pencil, and card stock, however, when it comes to stamps and the tedious work of watercolor markers…I fail entirely.

  6. I like to THINK I’m artsy fartsy. i love walking around Michaels and getting inspired with all the things I could make, but for some reason my family makes fun of me if I say I want to try something. Maybe because the last time I did – beautiful beaded styrofoam christmas decorations – they fell apart after one use. Oh well!

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