A Guide to Sourcing a Care Facility for your Elderly Relatives

Sooner or later, we all require living support and while this might be possible in an independent living environment, there will come a time when elderly people need a little more help than a home visit every day. If you live near your parents, you will be able to offer assistance when you have free time, yet if you live too far away or do not have the free time, there might be no alternative than sourcing a care home.

Sourcing a Care Facility for your Elderly Relatives

Start with a Google Search

The simplest way to get a long list of registered care homes is to use Google’s search engine. Spend some time browsing websites, looking for signs of government approval and also positive reviews. This should lead to creating a shortlist of care homes that seem to fit the bill and you should book an appointment to visit each one, which is the only way to really get a feel of the facility. It takes a special blend of qualities caring for the elderly and makes a point of talking to residents to find out how they feel about the care and service they receive.

Inviting the Elderly Person for a Visit

Once you have visited all the local care homes and have made your choice, it is time to take your elderly parent or grandparent along for a visit. They should ultimately be the one to decide whether or not a facility is right for them and you can help by preparing a list of questions to ask the facility director. This should be an informal visit to introduce the elderly person to the care home and if there are several facilities in the running, do take the time to visit each one and even make several visits if necessary.

Therapeutic Services

Senior Citizen with Physical Therapist / Sourcing a Care Facility for your Elderly Relatives

One important aspect of elderly care is therapeutic treatment to help the residents stay healthy; of course, each resident would have unique needs. Some people need to have daily exercise for specific muscle groups, while others might need speech therapy; it is important to have a resident doctor who is always on call, as well as having at least 2 qualified carers on duty at any given time. Click here for tips on dealing with stay-at-home quarantine, which can be stressful.

According to this dentist who does high-quality Invisalign in Upper East Side, it’s also important to check if the facility offers annual health checkups. Otherwise, you may need to shell out more money for your elderly’s yearly health checkups.

Social Opportunities

Just because a person is elderly, doesn’t mean they should suffer from a lack of social interaction; there should be a lively weekly schedule that includes reading, board games, watching TV and even a dancing evening once a week. It is critical that residents are able to socialize when they wish, yet there should be no pressure to attend and if a person would rather be on their own, that should not be an issue.

Once you have visited the care home and both you and your elderly relative are happy with the environment, you can start thinking about admission. Click here for information about Thailand’s care policies for the elderly, which are designed to provide essential support for the older generations.

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