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Ways to Stay Close with Your Friends During Quarantine

We’re working from home, scouring the internet for the best grocery store delivery service, and absolutely everything has been cancelled. Whether you’re a self-defined introvert that has happily surrounded yourself with books and tea, or an extrovert dying for a Facetime call to get some social interaction, we are all in need of human connection with our circle of influence.

Here are some of our favorite ways to stay close with friends during quarantine.

Make a Lunch Date

Take advantage of those awesome deals available on DoorDash and GrubHub and order lunch for a Facetime date with your bestie. Sit out on your patio or find a shady spot at a nearby park for some much-needed Vitamin C.

Virtual Game Night

Let your competitive side come out by hosting a virtual game night with a group of friends! Have everyone get the same game (a deck of cards or this easy dice game is a great way to go) and let the laughs flow.

Use Various Forms of Communication

Chances are you have a text thread going with your friend group. Consider branching out and using other forms of communication to shake things up a bit! Apps like Marco Polo and Discord are great options for staying in touch.

Send Gifts

Everyone likes getting presents, right? Get something over to your best friend to make her day. These customizable best friend mugs are a fantastic option to let her know you’re thinking of her. Send it over with some chocolate and a good book and you’ve just earned friend of the year.

Milestone Drivebys

Do you know someone who just got married? What about a friend that has a birthday coming up? Instead of sending a “happy quarantine birthday” gif, organize a drive-by with other friends to help them celebrate the day. Consider having a gift to drop off for them- at a safe distance of course!

Virtual Workouts

A lot of people have a exercise buddy or group that they go to the gym with to help them stay motivated during your workout. Don’t give up your daily exercises just because you have to stay home! Hop on a Facetime call and get your daily workout in with your people.

Letter Writing

Everyone loves getting a letter in the mail- why not get some happy mail in someones mailbox this week? Gather some pretty stationary and your favorite pen to get some letters to send out. Take it to the next level by sealing it with a wax seal or a fun sticker.

Read Together

Is there a monthly book club that you’re a part of? No need to cancel your next meeting! Host it on Zoom. Are you looking for something new to read while in quarantine? Chat with some friends and have everyone choose one of their favorite books to include in a book exchange. Mail the books to each other or drop them on your friend’s porch.

It can be easy in these times of uncertainty to feel isolated and alone. Take care of yourself and those around you by initiating one of these activities to stay connected.

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