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Choosing The Right Toys For 3-Year-Old Boys

In the early days, toys were meant to be an enjoyable medium to help train kids for life as adults. Interestingly, this still stands true. They still play an important role in helping kids develop different skill sets that will help them function as productive members of society. However, picking one that can keep a three-year-old boy engrossed for a long time is easier said than done. While kids enjoy playing with toys, it is important to pick something that doesn’t get discarded after a day or two. Here are a few types that are both interesting and helpful in developing the cognitive, creative and motor skills of your boy. Also, check these Most Popular Toys in the World which your children would love.

Toys For 3-Year-Old Boys

Toys That Encourage Physical Movement

Three-year-old boys are at the perfect age to start developing gross and fine motor skills.  They gradually start learning how to improve their hand-eye coordination as well as balancing skills. Toys that help them with these skills are considered to be a great investment by medical professionals. You can also choose toys that encourage further physical movement like tricycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, pogo sticks, bouncing balls, etc. These are a great way to encourage kids to move around and be more active while they enjoy their game time.

Toys That Teach

Three-year-old boys are not exactly well known for their attention spans. They tend to get distracted easily and are also hyperactive compared to other age groups. This is why giving them the perfect toy that holds their attention and helps improve their concentration skills is so important. You can start off with board games, simple jigsaw puzzles to get going. As mentioned in this article here-, some kids love math while others hate it. You can pick out a toy that introduces math in a playful manner.  It is a great way to focus their concentration on reaching the solution for mathematical problems. Board games are also useful in teaching kids to learn how to win and lose with true sportsman spirit.

Toys That Encourage Creativity

Young kids often have imaginative minds that have no limits. You can encourage your three-year-old to explore their creative side and imagination skills by offering them toys like swords, lightsabers, shields, play tents, play dough, toy cars, dinosaur toys, etc. Art and craft materials are also a great way to encourage kids to explore their imagination and become creative at the same time.

Sustainable Toys 

With climate change being a constant cause for concern, it is a good idea to turn to sustainable toys for your kids. You can find plenty of sustainable toys like wooden blocks, natural beeswax crayons, plush toys made from natural materials, wooden guitar, etc.

When you pick out for toys that challenge your child, you are giving them a chance to think beyond the box and put their problem-solving skills to use. Toys like this encourage kids to stick to a problem and continue trying until they arrive at the solution.

This goes a long way in improving their concentration span as well. However, you need to make sure to pick one which is age-appropriate to avoid setting up your child for failure and giving up after a while. If such a situation arises, experts advise keeping the toy aside and re-introducing it to your child when they are a couple of months older. After all, the main job of a toy is to help prepare your child for their future.

Choosing The Right Toys For 3-Year-Old Boys

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33 thoughts on “Choosing The Right Toys For 3-Year-Old Boys

  1. I love toys for kids that are not motorized but use body’s to move and have fun! Toys that use imagination are great too!

  2. I’m trying to remember what my nephews liked at that age. One was heavily into Transformerd, which encouraged making one thing into something else, I guess. The other already liked computer games…and still does. They both also loved playing baseball.

  3. My kids are all grown up now and most of my grandchilden are too. The youngest is 12 but these toys are awesome for little boys.

  4. Good to know. I’m a first time grandma to a little boy and my 3 children are all girls so I am not good at picking out things for boys.

  5. I’m not a mom yet and to be honest I’m not even in the life of a 3 year old boy, but id imagine these are great tips for any kids and choosing the right toys!

  6. The picture all the way at the top. I wish I had that as a kid. That bike looking thing looks different and fun.

  7. Very awesome! Love toys that let children use their imaginations. It’s refreshing to see something other than computer games

  8. That is a great bike for a three year old. It looks like a grown up bike and not so much a tricycle.

  9. This information about choosing the right toys for 3 year old boys is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  10. These are really good tips! I like buying toys that encourage physical movement. My nephew is 3 and he loves his tricycle!

  11. My 4 year old daughter just graduated to a bike with training wheels. She was so excited like it was Christmas!

  12. Great tips! Same as toys for girls though.. We LOVE sustainable toys and education toys for our three year old daughter!

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