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Back to School for Tots Teens and Adults

Disclosure:Products were received to facilitate this Gift Ideas and Buying Guide from BuddyPhones, My Tot Clock and RampShot for inclusion in this post,  Pink Princess is a sponsored highlight.  Any opinions expresses are mine alone.

Back to School…a Time for new clothes, routines and fun for the whole family.

Get your little one ready for “back-to-school time” in style! From designer clothes from brands like Mimi & Maggie and Ooh! LaLa! Couture to girls’ dresses to activewear for those after-school activities, Pink Princess offers a variety of quality, fun, elegant, and everyday items. (You can even start planning formalwear for an upcoming wedding and start shopping around for costumes for Halloween while you’re on the site!) Pink Princess also offers free shipping on orders over $30 and free returns… what’s not to love?!

Back to School for Tots Teens and Adults

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Bedtime can be tough for little ones, especially getting into back to school routines. My Tot Clock can help make going to be a happier experience for kids and adults!
Back to School for Tots Teens and Adults

About My Tot Clock

Summer Fun for Tots and Teens

Sleep Deprivation…The Mother of My Invention

My name is Pamela Gonzalez, and I am the inventor of My Tot Clock.  People often ask me how I came up with the idea for my product.  My answer is easy…sleep deprivation was the mother of my invention!It all started four years ago when my oldest son Gabriel was only 2-years old.  His new little brother Anthony arrived and took over the baby room, along with everything in it…including the sacred crib.  Gabriel was a great sleeper in his crib, but when he got into his big boy bed, all bets were off.  He became a master negotiator before bedtime, he required mommy to be in the room before he would fall asleep, he would wake up in the middle of the night (sometimes multiple times), and finally he would end up in our bed…THE STORY CONTINUES HERE.
Back to School for Tots Teens and Adults
The blue light means nighty-night!  Not only will your child enjoy their new built-in nightlight, but they will absolutely love the extra bedtime stories and lullabies that play off little cartridges called Tot Clock Treasures.  As a little treat, let your child pick out their favorite Treasure and plug it in themselves!  They will enjoy their new bedtime routine, and you will love how quickly this magic clock eliminates the most typical toddler sleep problems, like negotiating before bed, waking in the middle of the night (or too early in the morning), or sneaking                                       into mommy’s bed.  With My Tot Clock, the whole family will sleep better!
The yellow light means good morning sunshine!  When My Tot Clock turns yellow and plays an optional fun wake song, your child can get out of bed and start their happy day.  They will be so proud…and fully rested!
]The red light is for discipline when a little timeout is needed.  Simply set the timeout duration and click the red button to activate.  The timeout duration should be age-appropriate.  The rule of thumb in Mommy Circles is one minute per year.  For example, a 2-year old should receive a 2-minute timeout, 3 minutes for a 3-year old, etc.  My Tot Clock will automatically beep and turn to yellow when time is up!
The green light means do something good!  It’s great for any positive timed activity like getting a child to sit on the potty for 2 minutes, brush their teeth for 2 minutes, share a toy for 5 minutes at a time, or be patient while mommy is on the phone.  Simply set the encourage duration and click the green button to activate.  My Tot Clock will automatically beep and turn to yellow when time is up!
My 6 year old granddaughter (and her parents) have been delighted with her big girl clock! She looks forward to listening to a story at bedtime and knows that when it’s done, it’s time to go to sleep.  It’s also great that she know when it’s time to be up and about in the morning. On the few days when mom and dad can sleep in, she stays in bed quietly looking at books, until her My Tot Clock face turns yellow.
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Let’s talk about headphones.Safety is a big issue when it comes to delicate little ears.BuddyPhones has come up with the answer.  Headphones perfectly sized for little heads and are extra soft for comfort AND they have a built-in volume-limiting circuitry!
Back to School for Tots Teens and Adults

About BuddyPhones

Kid-Proof: Made to Last

Designed for long days of eager playing, BuddyPhones are made from durable, robust materials that are are less likely to snap if they are sat on, dropped or twisted. They are soft and flexible to withstand pulling yet sturdy enough to hold their shape.

Kid-Friendly: Safety is Fun

BuddyPhones are designed with fun features that make a safe product fun for kids to use. All our headphones can be shared so that multiple listeners can use one device. We also have sticker sets with colorful ,original designs that kids love to use to personalize their headphones. BuddyPhones were designed to meet the everyday challenges an ordinary family member faces, and make life a little easier. They are designed to be used by children of all ages in different situations, anytime, anywhere.
Trusted by Parents, Loved by Kids.
Back to School for Tots Teens and Adults
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Everybody can get outside and play Ramp Shot!Back to School for Tots Teens and Adults

At the beach or in your own backyard! RampShot can be played by young and old alike.
A 4 player game played 2 vs. 2. Three out of four players are involved in every play in RampShot, keeping it active and exciting!
Get detailed instructions on how to play – do matter what your skill level.  Kids, beginners or advanced!
Lightweight, quality construction – with simple care, your RampShot set will last for years to come.
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  • We always purchase kid-friendly headphones for our girls. Love that they cap the volume low enough not to hurt their ears!

  • I love that tot clock. My kids are older now but that would have been really handy. I’m looking into that game too because I love games.

  • I like to give games for birthdays and weddings. Something to enjoy for years to come. We have a wedding coming up and that RampShot would be a great one.

  • These are some great finds. Sadly — my kids are all grown up now and we don’t have to buy those supplies. I’ll be sure and pass this along to mommies I know 🙂

  • These are some great products. I need to check out the Tot Clock and BuddyPhones for my granddaughter. She could really use both.


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