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Low-Effort Tips for the Lazy Gardener

If you thought that maintaining a beautiful garden was hard work, think again! With these innovative tips and tricks, you can cultivate a stunning outdoor space with minimal effort…

Low-Effort Tips for the Lazy Gardener

Avoid digging

Digging flowerbeds can be backbreaking work, so it’s best avoided where possible. Instead, commit to building a no-dig garden and letting the soil become rich in natural nutrients. As well as saving yourself a whole lot of work, your plants and shrubs will thrive in healthier soil. 

Adding cardboard to flowerbeds is a handy way to minimize the risk of weed growth. By laying cardboard on soil, you can prevent unwanted weeds from blighting your garden. 

Stop cutting back

Some plants require more maintenance than others, so lazy gardeners will want to avoid these species! By choosing low-evergreen perennials for your yard, you can minimize the amount of work it takes to keep them healthy. 

Winter Heath, Blue Star Juniper, Lithodora Diffusa, Choisya Ternata and Vinca Minor are all great options if you want to avoid having to cut back plants regularly. With thousands of options out there, you can create a spectacular garden that requires minimal maintenance. 

Keep lawns trim

New gardeners may not realize that there are many different types of grass used in residential gardens. As well as considering your climate and soil when choosing the right grass for your garden, be sure to assess how much maintenance it will need too. By selecting slow-growing, hardy grass, you can reduce the amount of work it takes to keep it looking great. 

Red Tulips - Tips for the Lazy Gardener

Powered gardening tools make any upkeep effortless, so make the most of electric garden equipment. With a cordless weed eater, for example, you can create neat borders, prevent unwanted greenery from invading your lawn and enjoy a stunning yard all year round. Easy recharging means you can simply pick up your tools and get started, while the freedom of cordless tools means you can reach every part of your garden without any hassle.

Skip watering

Plants need water to survive, so this is one task that gardeners can’t easily avoid. However, you can reduce the need to water your garden by choosing plants that don’t require a great deal of moisture. Shrubs that are commonly found in hot climates can work well if you’re unable to water regularly and you live in a warm area. 

Technological advances are giving lazy gardeners the freedom to enjoy their outdoor space without putting in a lot of effort. If sprinklers aren’t enough to keep your plants thriving, look out for automated waterers. These can be placed discretely in the soil or close to plants and will deliver water to them in accordance with pre-programmed settings.

Enjoying Your Garden

Creating a beautiful garden doesn’t just give you something pretty to look at, it increases the functionality of your outdoor space too. Whether you want to play games with your kids, invite friends round for an outdoor BBQ or simply enjoy the sun in your spare time, these handy tips will ensure you can make the most of your garden at any time of year.


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