5 Exciting Color Combinations for the Home

If you are planning a new build or you simply wish to transform your interior, there are proven color combinations that you should consider. Of course, we all have our own unique preferences when it comes to colors and with that in mind, here are a few attractive color combinations to transform your interior.

5 Exciting Color Combinations for the Home

  1. Jewel tone blue & burgundy – Add a sense of luxury and warmth to your living room with this attractive shade combination, while mahogany furniture blends perfectly with this look. Check out the stunning range of anti-condensation paints in all shades of blue and burgundy, from a leading Thai paint product supplier. Pine is another timber that is made for this color combination; this would make for a dreamy bedroom setting, with a hint of the countryside.
  2. Mustard yellow and salmon pink – Bold, yet subtle, this color combination creates a warm glow and is ideal for a study room or nursery. Mustard yellow walls with light green carpet and salmon pink cushions really do blend together well, while shades of timber are also perfect for this look. Hardwood flooring is perfect for this combination and there are many light beige shades to complement the décor.
  3. Brown and gold – Ideal for a room with limited natural light, a fair shade of brown for the walls, with a gold 3-piece suite and green curtains or blinds to create a soothing natural ambience. Take a look at a paint supplier’s website for a wide range of colors or you could create your own unique shade and there’s lots of interior design websites where you can get some design inspiration. Here are a few bathroom design ideas that might interest you.
  4. Graphite grey and mint Green – Perfect for the modern home, these two colors are made for each other and with grey walls and a green suite, you have the basis of an appealing setting. Hints of red add some balance and with textured walls, you can add another dimension. The softness of graphite grey makes bold colors seem brighter and with blue lampshades, you can add a finishing touch.
  5. Bright pink and orange – You might not think at first glance that these two colors work together, you can soften the pink and highlight the brightness of the orange, or the other way around, which also works. Light colored timber for skirting and architraves, with dark brown curtains completes this bright and cheery look. Where would we be without Google Images? This can provide you with much-needed design inspiration and you are bound to come across something that works for you. This set of colors is ideal for children’s bedrooms or even the guest room.

If you are planning to redecorate yourself, search online for a premier paint supplier and start looking at potential color combinations and let’s not forget the various finishes you can have with paint. When buying products online, you have the exact same consumer rights as you have with retail shopping


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