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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Home

Saving the planet off waste doesn’t only involve cleaning the streets, public places and offices but also our homes. With the average person wasting about 22 pounds of food per month, it tends to affect the environment in the long run, and also our pockets. In this article, we will engage you with some five easy steps to reduce waste at home.

Why Should You Reduce Waste?

* Reduces waste disposal cost

* Reduces your exposure to hazards

* Protects the environment

* Saves you some cash.

How Do You Reduce Waste?

If your office or workplace looks way cleaner than your home then you should probably go through these steps to give your home a new and clean look. You should also get help from waste collection services Paul’s Rubbish Removal, affordable junk collection to move out all wastage before changing your habit.

Food Storage

Storing food the wrong is one of the ways most homes produce waste. Storing vegetable with fruits increases the ripening process of most fruits, hence they might be ready for use before you actually need them. Also, don’t store your herbs in plastic bags. “Herbs are really great to store in water as you would with like fresh cut flowers.” – Justin Kacer, Sustainability specialist.

Storing your herbs in water keeps them fresh for over a week. Change the water used to for the herbs each day. This saves you money from buying plastic bags and also reduces the disposal of plastic waste.

Frozen Foods

Picked when almost ripped, frozen foods serve you the same kind of freshness fresh foods does. Also, they are less expensive and also have a lower risk of going bad whiles stored in the refrigerator. Hence eating frozen foods save you the stress of food going bad early hence you can eat them over a long period with no worries.

Reusable Cups And Containers

Did you know that not all coffee cups are recyclable? And with about 83 percent of American adults drinking coffee, we can all agree to the fact that coffee cups are a major to waste at home, offices, schools and various workplaces.

Well, if you’re a coffee addict then I’m guessing you’ve probably gone to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks or some other coffee shop and brought it home, and these coffee cups are a one-time-use one-time-dispose cups. These lead to increasing waste at homes. Having one reusable coffee cup or mug and using it everything you want to go out to get coffee should help reduce waste at home.

Also, instead of buying a water bottle, getting a long-lasting cup can be reused every time to fill up some water for you each time you get thirsty. This saves your home from waste and also loads up your pocket with some cash. Did you know that you get 10 cents off your coffee if you bring in your own cup to a coffee shop?

Unnecessary Mails

I can guess your coffee table is probably full of mails from banks, insurance companies, friends and family and many others sent to your mailbox. Well, all these increase the amount of paper waste at home. I am pretty sure you haven’t read some of these mails and they are taking up space at home, or maybe you disposed them off which was quite smart but how about you tell your bank, insurance company to send you emails instead?

Wouldn’t that reduce the amount of paper waste at home every month? Getting mails from loved ones should be about enough since they might be of so much importance to you.

Less Plastic Bags

With Americans using 100 billion plastic bags per year sounds a bit frightening, isn’t it? But when you went to the grocery store for some family shopping I guess you took more than one plastic bag? And you probably bought them all home and disposed of the bags after unloading the goods? Or maybe they got carried away by air and landed at a place they shouldn’t.

Well, how about you keep the old plastic bags you used the last time and keep them in the car and re-use them next time you go shopping, I bet you will be helping to reduce the 100 billion plastic bag usage. This goes a long way to free your home off plastic bag waste and also helps the environment since most plastic bags don’t decompose easily.

Getting your home free from waste isn’t that much of a big deal, following and adopting some easy habits too such as recycling, composting and selling old pieces of stuff too should help you reduce waste and expenses at home.

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