You may have a bedroom which you never really use, an attic or a basement in need of conversion or some other space that you are not utilising to its maximum potential at the moment. Whatever the case, making the most of your spare room is something that everyone should be doing. If you are looking for a little bit of inspiration of what you can do with it, this article is here to provide you with a helping hand and some nifty ideas.

Walk-In Wardrobe

5 Creative Uses for Your Spare Room

For the shopping fanatic, a walk-in wardrobe is ideal – particularly if you have a box room that isn’t really big enough to make a bedroom. And it doesn’t need to be a big job to convert it; you simply need plenty of creative storage space so you can pile in as many of your clothes and shoes as possible.

Gaming Den

If you are a videogame fanatic or you have one in the house, creating your own gaming den is definitely a fun way to use the space. Take a look at the best gifts for gamers of 2017 at for some inspiration of what you can fill it with. Essentially, what you will need is a good quality TV, comfortable seating and a shedload of games and then you are free to customise as you see fit!

Home Gym

If you are sick of the membership fees and hassle of your current fitness centre, a home gym could be for you. To start off with, you just need a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. After this, you can start filling it up with the basics including an exercise mat, dumbbells, medicine ball and some speakers to play your workout music. A large window with plenty of natural light and mirror so you can check your form will complete the room.

Home Office

5 Creative Uses for Your Spare Room

One of the most popular ways to use some spare space is by creating your very own home office. This way, you can start that business that you have always dreamed about, start freelancing from your house or simply have a space where you can concentrate on your work. Again, decoration can be minimal and you simply need a desk, computer and office chair and you are good to go.

Music/Art/Reading Room

Having a room for your passions (creative passions, of course!) can really help you to get away from it all and even follow your dreams. Of course, this really depends on what your individual passions are, but music, art and reading are just three potential options. Decorate as you see fit, but you will probably want something simple and relaxing so you are left free to really concentrate.

Having a spare room that serves a function can help to significantly improve your home life, so why not try one of the above ideas yourself or even come up with your own creative ideas for the space?

5 Creative Uses for Your Spare Room

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