3 Important Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

Love may be a many splendid thing, but it isn’t without its challenges. While relationships can be beautiful, they can also be hard to keep together.

Couples are bound to face challenges, but some of those challenges can be downright unhealthy. It’s not easy for two people to coexist if their relationship gets to a toxic level.

Do you want to know how to have a healthy relationship? Is that even possible in your relationship?

Here are three characteristics of a healthy relationship to help your relationship flourish.

  1. A Healthy Relationship Involves Empathy

Do you ever find yourself saying “I hate my husband?” The truth is, you’re probably just feeling unfulfilled by him as there is a desire you have that he isn’t meeting. But here is a question: What if he feels the same way?

If he is distant from you, it may be due to the same resentment you’re feeling. Healthy people put the relationship before themselves. You need to ask yourself if you’re as guilty as your husband before you become so spiteful towards him, and then you can start communicating your personal issues with him.

  1. A Healthy Relationship Involves Self-Care

Of all the healthy relationship quotes out there, none emphasizes this characteristic than this one by Dinkar Kolatra: “A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your friends, your dreams, or your dignity.”

Healthy relationship boundaries are a good thing. While self-sacrifice is necessary for the relationship, that doesn’t mean you completely neglect your needs. There needs to be mutual respect for each other’s different goals and interests, and an understanding that you can care for each other best when you’ve given adequate care to yourself.

  1. A Healthy Relationship Is Marked By Love

This one should be a no-brainer, but understand that there is a difference between puppy love (crushes/lust) and genuine true love. Love involves a real heart connection and a desire to be with the person through thick and thin. Additionally, you should care for your smile with the dentist in west point.

Are you willing to be with this person even when they are at their darkest point (e.g. they are sick or depressed)? Are you willing to be with them and forgive their shortcomings? Will you still love the person when they are old and their looks fade away?

If so, you’re in a good place. If not, try to find ways to rekindle that affection. But know that there is no hope for a relationship if there is no love.

More Relationship Advice

Now that you know these signs of a healthy relationship, you can evaluate where you are at in your own relationship. If you see anything that’s missing, communicate with your partner, and if needed, be willing to receive counseling together. If things aren’t healthy, that doesn’t mean they can’t be healthy again.

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