Trying to come up with a few good birthday gifts for men?

We’ve all been there—shopping for a last-minute birthday gift only to realize that you have no idea what to buy. Should you get him a new set of earrings? No, wait; he’s a guy. You’re the one who wants the earrings.

Shopping for dudes can be exhausting. They don’t want purses or new bathrobes. They care little for glamour and less for spa retreats. So, what do they like?

In the sections below, you’ll find all you need to know to pull off this birthday. From the caffeine-loving coder to the exercise addicted day trader, we’ve got you covered. When you’re ready to finally buy your guy a gift that won’t end up on a shelf collecting dust, read on.

The Secret to Great Birthday Gifts for Men

When you consider your brilliant birthday gift, forget about Paris Fashion Week. Forget about yoga classes and those heels that are to die for. Get out of your female brain.

Instead, think about the activities that your man-in-question prefers. Does he golf? Play video games? Hunt? Once you have at least two activities, the rest is simple.

For each activity, find the most popular tools that are trending. For instance, if your guy plays games, hunt down the most popular games in his preferred genre. If he swims, look for the newest types of goggles on the market today.

Always avoid presents that include elements of his wardrobe unless he explicitly tells you otherwise. That means avoid buying coats, buying outfits, and buying shoes online. For Pete’s sake, let him dress himself.

The one exception to that rule is a classy wristwatch. Just make sure you understand his definition of classy before you make your purchase.

Below you’ll find 9 of the most widely popular gifts for men. If you’re in a rush, just pick the one that matches one of your guy’s activities and call it a day.

1. Hammock

The gift of a hammock is more than a simple gift of fabric. When you give someone a hammock, you’re making a statement. “Lay down, relax. You deserve it,” that’s what you’re saying. It the perfect gift for the overworked man.

Many buyers make the mistake of thinking hammocks are difficult to hang and only belong outside. Neither is the case. Hammocks only take about 10 minutes to set up. They’re also excellent additions to living rooms, offices, and sunrooms.

2. Wireless Earbuds

Your guy doesn’t need to be participating in the next Ironman triathlon to warrant your purchase of exercise equipment. Unfortunately, you probably don’t know what equipment he’d find most useful. So instead of focusing on exercise equipment, consider equipment he’d use while exercising.

Wireless earbuds are a great bet when you’re hunting down the best birthday presents for men. Brands like Jabra and Bose make a variety of earbuds with tremendous sound quality. They’ll give your guy a boost to his exercise performance, and that’s exactly what every man is looking for.

Remember, men don’t think like women. They’re action-oriented. They spend most of their time thinking about how to reach goals and overcome obstacles.

3. Temperature Controlled Coffee Mug

Even if the man-in-question spends zero time exercising, he’s still focused on action. It may just be a different kind of action. For instance, those who code, focus on problem-solving all day and (in many cases) all night.

Why not help them stay focused, so they can achieve their goals by caffeinating them. That’s right, feed their caffeine addiction with a temperature controlled coffee mug, like those made by Ember.

4. Smart Speaker

Men feel success when they do something. It could be washing the car, working out, or cooking dinner. It doesn’t matter, so long as they’re physically accomplishing something. Unfortunately, their tasks often limit the time they must spend on other things, like reading.

With smart speakers, they can do both. Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apples HomePod are the most popular items in the smart speaker market today. Each gives your man the power to listen to books, make lists, play songs, and find out about the weather for their next rafting trip.

The best part? You can let the speaker be your guy’s assistant, so you don’t have to.

5. Elegant Wristwatch

As we mentioned earlier, you want to stay away from anything fashion oriented. Men hate when others try to dictate their fashion. The one exception is the wristwatch.

Expensive watches scream elegance. They’re sophisticated. They’re posh. They’re the only thing you can buy for your guy to wear that isn’t going to end up hidden behind his sock drawer.

For example, take the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. It’s crafted from corrosion-resistant Oystersteel and waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. It’s the type of watch he could wear as easily to a black-tie affair as to his next free diving excursion.

6. Cologne Set

Men don’t spend time sampling scents. If you fickle about those you want him wearing, buy them for him. Start with a single bottle of cologne. If both of you love it, expand his repertoire to include a body lotion and face soap.

7. Soundbar

Guys love tech. Unfortunately, they also believe in the “bigger is better” mentality. That often means an 85-inch ultra-high definition television propped up against your guy’s living room wall.

Unfortunately, he spent all his money on the television. He forgot to buy the other necessities, like cable, speakers, and a good wall mount. Help a poor guy out. Start with the soundbar.

Bose produces the highest quality, but their devices come with a steep price tag. Vizio is your next best bet, with soundbars under $200.

8. Fine Liquor

If your man drinks, buy him something exclusively for him. Something that’ll put hair on his chest. Frérot Cognac or Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey are two good bets. Anything that feels like liquid fire as it runs down his throat is a good bet.

9. Waterproof Video Camera

Does he heli-ski? What about base-jump? If he’s into extreme sports, a waterproof video camera is a must. GoPro makes a fabulous selection of waterproof sports cameras.

With them, your guy can not only participate in death-defying feats; he can come home and experience them anew with you by his side.

What’s Next?

Though there are other birthday gifts for men, the ones listed above give a well-rounded pool to choose from. Remember, first determine what activities your special someone enjoys, then pick a gift that’s trending. And for your guy’s sake, avoid anything related to fashion.


Top 9 Best Birthday Gifts for Men in the Year to Come

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