Factors to Consider When Organizing an Awards Ceremony

Awards are as old as humanity. Awards symbolize triumphs and it is interesting to note that people associate awards with career accomplishments. Regardless of the awards ceremony, the following things are constant. First, irrespective of the size of the awards, drinks bring happiness and a sense of togetherness among the different stakeholders. Therefore, a smart selection of drinks is advisable. Second, food in an award ceremony brings a sense of respect and a chance to bond. Although major celebrations do not have typical dinners, you could always have hors d’oeuvres and pastries.

Finally, any award ceremony must have awards. Selecting a unique theme is arguably one of the hardest parts in an award ceremony. Fortunately, EDCO Awards & Specialties are a game changer in this niche because apart from making awards ceremonies unique, they give each award a customized touch.

Factors to consider when organizing an awards ceremony

  • Select a suitable venue

Venues can make an award ceremony either great or just average. A great venue is subjective to the following factors. First, the nature of the awards dictates the nature of the venue. If the awards ceremony is for professionals in the business world, the venue should match the preference of business people.

Second, every awards ceremony venue should be spacious — without overspending money on hiring a venue. Therefore, it is critical to choose a venue based on the expected number of people. Finally, an ideal venue should have all the necessary facilities. Lack of facilities — such as public address systems, proper décor, or chairs — can make you spend more money on an event as opposed to when they are available.

  • Select a theme and communicate the selected theme to the people attending the event

Although most awards ceremonies are formal, pundits believe that the organizers can modify the theme — without spoiling the authenticity of the awards. Some of the tips to follow when deciding the theme of the event include the following. First, consult a professional on the most appropriate theme for your awards ceremony. Alternatively, there are tons of materials online on event themes.

Second, match your event’s theme with your company’s target market. For example, if your company targets the Arabian market, you can twist the ceremony’s theme to match the Arabian culture. The golden rule when choosing a theme is to avoid extreme themes and try to accommodate a simple, satisfying theme.

  • Select a versatile host

Although awards ceremonies are supposed to be a chance of people coming together and bonding as a company, the ceremonies create tense moments for the nominees. However, the host should create an environment where fears and tense moments are almost non-existence. There are tons of professional hosts in the world. However, a great host is not automatically pricey but a person who understands your company, without being predictable in their program.

Also, a great host should maintain professionalism and respect both the winners and the other nominees. Therefore, a great host can also be an employee of the company.

Tips on selecting medals, trophies, and awards

Since you are organizing an awards ceremony, you need a physical representation of the prizes. The following are some of the factors to consider when making this critical decision.

First, it is advisable to go with a unique design when it comes to medals and trophies. The main reason why unique pieces are ideal is that nobody wants a mainstream medal or a trophy that is not unique. According to research, unique pieces give the awards a certain level of authenticity, especially from an outsider perspective. However, creating special trophies and medals should be guided by your industry and, more importantly, the individual awards categories.

Second, work with a company that understands your company (or they have a history of creating beautiful pieces for awards). An ideal company should assist you in planning and selecting the best designs and, in some cases, advice on the best option. The company should also be accessible in case of changes. While planning for awards, there are many changes in terms of medal numbers and trophy designs and an ideal company should accommodate these changes.

Finally, it is critical to understand the main target of the awards. The nominees should love the planning process and, more importantly, they should appreciate the trophies and the medals.

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