Effective Ways to Speed Up Download Speeds

Download speed is an issue for many people. There are several reasons that person may not have a sufficient or fast speed and getting to know what can be done about this is important.

Keep reading to learn how to increase speeds and access information on the internet faster than ever before.

Test the Current Internet Speed

Before a person can get the fastest download speed, they need to know what their current speed is. This is going to let a person know if they are getting a rate that is lower than what it should be.

There’s a free site that provides this information for a person. There’s also an option to test the site in MBps, which is another way to find out what the current speeds are.

Once the information is found, it’s time to begin making moves to increase the speed. Use the tips here to do this effectively.

Test a Different Router/Modem

One of the main causes of internet that’s slower than usual is a bad modem. Changing to a new device is a great way to increase speeds and avoid drop outs.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that the modem is suited to the specific internet plan that a person is on. This is one of the most effective ways to increase internet download speed.

Scan for Viruses

The next thing a person needs to do is to make sure that there’s no virus that’s causing the download speeds to slow down. There are some viruses that can live on a computer and suck away the resources from what is being done. When this happens, speeds are slowed down significantly.

There are several free scanners that can be used. Just be sure to choose a scanner that doesn’t impact speeds.

Check for Any On-System Interference

In some cases, the virus scanner program or another program, may interfere with the internet speeds. This can be extremely frustrating, but a person can figure out what the issue is by switching things off one at a time. Once this is done, run the speed test again.

Check the Filters

If a person has an internet connection that goes through a phone line that’s also connected to a telephone, they need to make sure filters have been installed on the line. Believe it or not, more than 2.1 million people are still using this type of connection.

A filter is a small plug that’s attached to the phone line. They work to filter out any disturbances.

Eliminate the Use of a Cordless Phone

There are some who disagree with this; however, in some cases, a cordless phone can interfere with or slow down an internet connection, even when filters are in place. As a result, it is a good idea to do an isolation test.

This is done by removing phones and then replacing them with new ones. See if better results are achieved.

Getting the Fastest Download Speed

When it comes to getting the fastest download speeds for any type of internet connection, there are methods that can be used to increase it. Be sure to enlist the services of a professional if additional help is needed. This will help ensure that the highest download speeds are achieved.




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