In Tune with Higher Power: 6 Ways Prayer Will Improve the Quality of Your Life

We all go through ups and downs – it’s called life. But when you’re in your weak moments, it’s always strengthening to know you’re not alone, and when you’re in your best times, it’s more enjoyable to have someone to celebrate those moments with.

For those times and all of those in between, there’s prayer.

Praying can put you in tune with your higher power and significantly improve the quality of your life. Try it consistently and you’ll notice some improvement in at least these 6 ways.

Daily Prayer Improves Your Life

  1. You learn true love. So many people spend their lives chasing after meaningful relationships because they don’t understand the truth of unconditional love. When you develop a bond with God through prayer, it helps you to shift all your other past and present relationships into a healthier perspective.
  2. Your burdens become lighter. Just having someone to talk to about your troubles makes them a little lighter. Through daily prayer, you lay your worries at the feet of the one who is in control and begin to realize that there’s more to God’s plan than you know.
  3. You find direction. Once you learn God’s intentions for His people, you have a direction to head in, no matter where you are or how confused you have been. The direction is on the path to Him and as long as you keep Him in your sight, you’re headed in the right direction.
  4. Peace is easier to obtain. Letting go of control is freeing. You begin to learn that there are things that you can control in your life, and then there are things that are God’s problem to handle. Daily prayer allows you to acknowledge the stresses and burdens in your life but also to understand that God has already worked everything out for your good.
  5. Temptation is easier to avoid. Jesus understood temptation firsthand, and He knew it would be hard for us to resist it, so He gave us the gift of his life. It was the ultimate act of sacrifice, done so that we could accept His gift of grace through faith. Through daily prayer, you begin to realize that you have sinned and will sin again, but you can avoid temptation by learning how Jesus lived and appreciate his gift.
  6. You open yourself up to a community of like-minded people. Praying itself is a solitary act, but through prayer and actively learning about God, you will come into contact with others like you. Through ministry and community, you share your experiences and others share theirs, strengthening the strength of all of you. You can learn more about this over at

It Can’t Hurt to Try

Many people are intimidated when they are asked to or advised to pray. They have never been taught how and they worry they’ll do it “wrong.”

But prayer is never wrong and there is no right or wrong way to do it as long as you are using your heart. No one but you and your Savior needs to know if you give it a shot, and if you do, it just might change your life.

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