4 Fascinating Facts About Dance

When was the last time you danced? Maybe in a club on a night out or maybe in your room when no one was looking. Either way, not many people think about dance that deeply or why we do it.

But there are lots of facts about dance that can illuminate our knowledge about it and make us see the benefits of dancing regularly.

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Here are some fun facts about dance to interest you.

1. You Burn a Lot of Calories

When people think about burning calories the first activity that no doubt comes to find is running. Many people hit the gym to run on the treadmill or they run along a road near their house or a local beach.

However, while for many people running is a means to an end – perhaps they are going to compete in a marathon – it is not always that enjoyable. You sweat loads and it is usually a solitary activity.

Dancing is often an activity in which you can truly express yourself in a way that you can’t just by running. You are usually with someone when you dance, in a club or perhaps there are two of you listening to music. Places like make dancing as exercise fun!

By dancing together you can burn calories, express yourself, and also have fun at the same time. This makes it a superior activity to running for burning calories for many people.

This is also why dancing classes have recently become very popular. They are a great way of making new friends as well as burning calories. Be sure to find out more here.

2. There Was Once A Dancing Plague

Who knew dancing could be lethal? But that’s exactly what happened with the 16th-century dancing plague in 1518. The infamous event took place in Strasbourg, a part of the Holy Roman Empire.

After a woman stepped out onto the street dancing without stopping she was joined by loads more. For days they could not stop dancing and eventually, people started to inure themselves or collapse dead from exhaustion.

The government generally thought it was a good thing and sent musicians to accompany the dancing and this encouraged more people to join. The dancing did not stop for over two months and involved over 400 people.

So what caused people to become so obsessed with dancing? There are many theories. One of which is that the people of Strasbourg had become poisoned after eating bread. This caused the population to have convulsions.

Some historians believe that the population was dancing for spiritual reasons, fearing the wrath of God if they did not continue to keep the beat.

3. Dancing Makes You Happy

If you don’t put all of your energy into it or you are in a bad mindset then dancing might not help. But most of the time dancing is a great way to make you happy.

To dance you have to listen to dance music which is designed to make you feel happy or like moving.

By moving around we release endorphins, the chemical that makes us happy. We release this chemical when we eat chocolate, are in love or when we do other forms of exercise.

When most people think of dancing they think of a nightclub, late at night with lots of alcohol. But dancing and alcohol do not have to go together. You can dance when you are sober, at dancing exercise classes or sober raves. And in fact, dancing when you are sober is more enjoyable.

This is because when you drink you often suppress your emotion as alcohol is a depressant and this can offset the endorphins you release when you dance.

4. Dancing Shows Are Some of the Most Popular Talent Shows

Dancing With The Stars is one of the most popular shows on American TV for a reason. People love dancing, especially when it is done professionally and it involves celebrities.

Other talent contests such as America’s Got Talent also have many dancer acts showing the popularity of dancing across the nation. The combination of great dancing with powerful music and the budget for great theatrics, such as fire breathing and circus performers makes for a great show.

These shows helped create a nationwide craze for dancing when they first came onto our screens in the late 2002s. This is one of the most interesting facts about dancing.

Great Facts About Dance: You Lose Weight and It Is More Popular Than You Think

One of the many great facts about dance is that it can help you to stay healthy and lead a more sustainable life. Rather than following the crowd and joining a gym and sweating it out, joining a pole dancing class can be much more beneficial.

Your whole mindset can change thanks to dance, listening to music and dancing with the other members of the class. Your instructor can also teach you how to become a great dancer. You could even impress your friends on a night out next time you hit up a nightclub.

Dancing is also revolutionary in that it has become more popular as reality TV shows became more popular in the early 2000s. Shows such as Dancing With the Stars, Pop Idol and America’s Got Talent showed the public that anyone can dance and that it is cool.

But one of the most interesting facts about dance is the dancing plague from the 16th century showing a society obsessed with dancing to the point of death.

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