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Creating a Garden You Can Use All Year Long

The great thing about having a garden is it is a personal green space for you to call your own, whether you prefer to be active and keep a beautiful flowering garden, want to be practical and keep a vegetable garden or need a space for the kids to let off some steam, out of the way of your nice clean floors.

The biggest problem with having a garden, especially if you have a grass garden, is that it’s not exactly all-weather friendly and can lead to torn up surfaces, muddy shoes and grass-stained trousers with just a spot of rain. There are several ways that you can make your garden usable all-year from paving slabs to decking boards, but here are a few ways you can still enjoy the benefits of a garden, without all the hassle;

Add a Shelter

Not only useful in the rain, but good for getting out of the intense summer sun, shelters don’t have to a permanent feature in your garden but can be as simple and lightweight as a gazebo that can be taken down and folded away when you need the extra space. For something that offers more durability and doesn’t require you to rush out and take down during a summer storm, a patio roof such as a pergola or other permanent wooden structure can be a beautiful addition to your garden. The added benefit of installing a stronger, more permanent structure in your garden, is that it can be used to grow climbing plants and add additional garden features such as LED lighting and heating panels for those chilly evenings.

Install Artificial Grass

Two People Sitting on Grass - Creating a Garden You Can Use All Year Long

Gradually increasing in popularity across the UK and Europe, artificial grass is an excellent alternative to traditional grass and soil. Quality artificial grass is designed with good drainage in mind to prevent sitting water and can be installed on all different types of garden surfaces including patio slabs, sand and decking boards. Artificial grass is great for pets as it can be quickly sprayed down with the hose when it needs cleaning up and won’t see muddy paw prints and grass dragged throughout your home when the ground gets damp. In addition, artificial grass is great for children and offers one of the best surfaces to play on, whether it’s kicking a football around or playing chase.

Separate Your Garden into Sections

If you have a large garden, keeping it maintained can be tiring, especially if you’ve got a lot of grass to sow, mow and water. Consider separating your garden into easier to manage sections; a dedicated open grass area, plenty of attractive planters and include a hard-top surface where you can place garden furniture to sit and relax. This way, you can use the whole of or make partial use of your garden depending on the season, without the risk of destroying all your hard work to get a lush green garden and preventing muddy footprints throughout your home.

Build a Garden Room/Conservatory

A garden room or conservatory is both a garden building and can act as an extension to your property and provides a season-friendly space that can take advantage of the glorious sunshine, while also sheltering you from the pouring rain. Connected to your property, it is much easier to hook up your new room with electricity and water where necessary and fill with the comfiest of furniture, without having to worry about keeping it protected from rain and damp. It also provides an extra space for entertaining friends, family and loved ones whatever the weather.

If you are looking to get the most out of your green space, we hope the above has given you plenty of inspiration, now it’s time to calculate your budget and start putting together your plan for your rejuvenated garden

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