5 Gift Ideas for the Minimalist Adventurer in Your Life

Buying gifts for a minimalist presents a special challenge. You want them to love and cherish your gift, but you also know it has to fit their specific taste. Here are five gift ideas for the minimalist adventurer in your life.

1. Cards

Greeting cards are a great option for that special minimalist in your life. Most people just want gifts to know that they are loved and being thought about and considered. Find a card that represents their favorite outdoor activity and write some genuine words of affection and care to make them feel special. It’s a small thing to do that makes a big difference.

2. Buy Them an Experience

Your adventurous minimalist is probably all about experiences. Buying tickets for a special event is the perfect way to show your love. You could find tickets to a concert by their favorite musical artist. Or you could get tickets to a sporting event near them. It could even be a little more simple and affordable by purchasing tickets to a local museum, art gallery, or zoo. If you want to go big, you could plan a trip for you to take together. A Visa Platinum card gives you more points when making travel purchases like airline tickets, booking hotels, and more.

3. Subscriptions

There are so many different subscriptions out there that provide the meaning and entertainment a minimalist craves. You could get an audiobook subscription or a music streaming subscription for your special person. There are also clothing and other types of subscriptions that send something every month to try out and they can just send it back if none of the things that bring them joy. There are so many movie and TV streaming services that could also be a great option to gift to your nomadic traveler so they can watch on the road, without having to bring DVDs or any extra stuff.

4. Dinner

Everyone has to eat, and who can turn down a delicious home-cooked meal? You can send them a formal invitation to come over for dinner and make them their favorite meal with their favorite foods. Or you could make dinner beforehand and drop it off for them on a day you know they have a lot going on.

5. Gift card

If all else fails, a gift card is always a great option. Think about their favorite clothes they wear, the places they like to eat or buy groceries and get a gift card from there. Everyone likes to get cash, so this is the perfect compromise to show your love and attention by getting them a gift card from a place they like.


Many people aren’t expecting a huge, expensive gift for the holidays. Take some thought to get your adventurous minimalist something special this year. But remember, the most important thing is to take the time to just show your love.

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  • These are great ideas for my children and spouses.


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