4 Tasteful Fashion Accessories For Guys

Sometimes, it seems like women get all the fun when it comes to fashion. The reality is this need not be the case, with a wealth of accessories available for men from all walks of life. And guys, it doesn’t take much to add a tasteful touch to your outfit, with two or three well-thought-out pieces being perfect. So, whether you want to look good at work or play, include the right fashion accessories to round out your look.


Sunglasses are a must for all, one of the most practical fashion accessories going, protecting your eyes from damage while telling the world who you are. Perfect for making a bold statement or complementing your chosen outfit, sunglasses will take you from day to night all year round. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a quality pair of sunnies; instead, invest the time finding a pair in just the right shape and style. Or build a collection so that you can mix up your look as you desire.


Keeping your cards and cash secure is an excellent opportunity to add another tasteful touch to your look. If you’re prone to keeping your wallet in your back pocket, go for a good quality pocket wallet. However, if you’re after something a bit different and prefer to use your jacket’s breast pocket for storage, you can’t go past a long wallet for style. Providing a slimmer profile and space for a checkbook and cash, it’s a terrific statement piece.

Time Piece

A stylish watch is a solid investment for your wardrobe. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a bracelet but like the idea of a bit of wrist bling, a watch is an ultimate compromise. You can opt for a chunky statement piece, a multifunctional sports watch, or one that’s purely functional. The choices are limitless, and you can opt for a one-off piece that takes you through all facets of life or have a few options for different occasions.

For a bold approach, put aside the wristwatch in favor of an old-fashioned pocket watch. Pocket watches are timelessly classic, meaning whether you pick out a heritage piece or a new one, they’ll look amazing. Especially good in a formal situation, you’ll stand out with your unique style.


Rings aren’t just for married men, with plenty of tasteful bands suitable for any guy who wants to indulge. While loading up every finger is overkill, up to two or three rings can look good. While subtle tends to be best for men, you can still have fun with your band. Try mixing metals or spinning rings for something interactive.

We’ve looked at only four of the most tasteful fashion accessories guys can choose from, but many more are out there. Find your style and go from there, adding just the right accessories to pull your look together for any occasion. You can even dress the same outfit up or down with the right touch, like a full-grain leather wallet or a pocket watch.

Hope you enjoyed these 4 tasteful fashion accessories for guys.

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