Bringing A Rescue Dog Into Your Life

Dogs can bring so much joy to a family. They are loyal, loving, and fun. Every dog has its very own personality and can really change the dynamic of your household. They are great for helping you with mental health problems and give you an excuse to go out for walks often. But dogs do require a lot of hard work and attention. 

When it comes to pet ownership, there is no more rewarding experience than that of getting a rescue dog. Often, dogs have to be given up by their previous owners. There are many different reasons that this happens, and often a dog will find their way to a re-homing center on sad terms. 

With so many dogs out there in re-homing centers, if you are considering getting a dog, then this is a route that you should consider taking. 

Do You Have Time For A Rescue Dog?

All dogs require time and energy from their owners in order to take care of them. You will need to feed them, you may need to groom them, and every day they will need to be walked. Depending on the breed, your daily walk could be anything from thirty minutes to a couple of hours. Dogs are very intelligent animals and can get bored or restless when left on their own. Having a plan for what your dog will do when you are in work is important. 

Rescue dogs may have more needs than other dogs. Often, there may be issues such as separation anxiety or a lack of socialization which means that they may need additional support adapting into your life. If your rescue dog exhibits these behaviors, it is important to seek the advice of a dog behaviorist. 

Giving Your Rescue Dog The Best Start 

Bringing your new rescue dog home for the first time is exciting. You will need to set some boundaries and expectations of your new dog though. They may not understand why you have taken them in. Your dog may be inhibited for a time, or they may also act-out due to uncertainty. It is important that you start to train your dog early using positive reinforcement. This means rewarding good behaviors so that your dog learns that when they do what you say, they get a treat or fuss made of them. You should avoid telling your dog off, as this may make them fearful or anxious.

Seek out a local Dog Trainer and either book one-to-one sessions, or join a class. If you can teach your dog to do what you want, when you want them to do it, you will find that they will be very easy to manage and look after. Starting this process from day one is key in your success.

Try and build a routine early on with your dog. If they can get used to your lifestyle, they will settle into life with you very quickly. This will mean feeding and walking them at similar times each day. 

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