When visiting family earlier this year, my grandson had a stuffy nose.  Aaahaa, I thought, a perfect video opportunity!  Honestly, the kids got the worst case of the giggles, and it was all I could do to keep from cracking up!  So I now present – Xlear Sinus Rinse...and a Silly Teenage Boy!

Other than the fact that I had no idea how to add  captions or great “visuals” I think that it turned out pretty well for my first effort.

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I’m a Proud
Xlear Brand Ambassador

I’m sure that I’ve told you all that we are a Xlear Family!  Both my husband and I, and most of our grown kids, brush with Spry Toothpaste, and use the Spry Oral  Rinse.  We are also regularly use the Xlear Nasal Spray, and  when we’re out and about you’ll usually find us chomping on some Spry Mints,or chewing Spry Gum. Since my husband started using the Xlear Nasal Spray he has only had 1 sinus infection (down from his usual 3 or 4 every year).  We’ve also seen significant improvement when it comes to our dental health.  When we go in for our checkups and cleanings, we are in and out of the office in record time!

I am so glad that I found out about the Xlear line of xylitol products.

I’m most grateful to be a Xlear Ambassador.  I feel totally confidant in the health benefits of the Xlear products that we use,.  I did a LOT of research before using the products and then applying to become a Xlear (The Xylitol Experts) Brand Ambassador!

Stay tuned for another review (and a giveaway) coming up soon!

Disclaimer:  Yes, I am a Xlear Ambassador, and receive products at no charge for the purpose of reviews.  I also purchase the majority of the Xlear products that we use, and the opinions stated in my posts are 100% my own.

Xlear Sinus Rinse…and Silly Teenage Boy

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4 thoughts on “Xlear Sinus Rinse…and Silly Teenage Boy

  1. Oh come on, your video needs nothing besides Corey! I sure love that silly, crazy kid!

    I like the toothpaste, mouthwash, and my kids and I love the mints as well. I don’t feel so bad giving them little sweets when I know they are actually good for their teeth. I also use the nasal spray (the one for kids) when I have a stuffy nose. Thanks for introducing us to their great products!

  2. I have had sinus issues all summer – I am going to have to try to find this product and give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh he is hilariously cute. This is even better than watching the ghost pepper videos. I used a neti pot once and had a less than stellar reaction, so he handled it like a sport!

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