I was really fortunate to receive a couple of ‘beach umbrellas” from RIO Brands, to review here on Libby’s Library.Now, why in the world do I need beach umbrellas, when I’m no where near the beach?  I’ll show you!

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When the RIO Umbrellas arrived, my husband immediately declared that he knew exactly how he wanted me to use them. He said the Priscilla Bonjovina and I, could walk along with him while he mows so that he can keep cooler, and not get sunburned.  LOL, when he went out the other day, I told PB to go grab one of the umbrella’s while I went to grab the camera!

These umbrellas are fantastic.  You can see just how big it is and it’s got a big bonus feature:

Total Sun Block is lab tested to block 99.8% UVA and UVB rays. No other umbrellas protects as well and allows you to be sun smart. And, its a cool new shape to provide even more coverage than a traditional round umbrella.

  • 7′ Diameter with tilt feature

  • Blocks 99.8% UVA/UVB

  • steel pole and ribs

  • Integrated anchor stabilizes umbrella in sand or grass

  • Vented canopy allows cool air flow

We are a family of light haired, fair skinned redheads and blondes.  WE BURN.  Just doing a little yard work can fry us – even when using a good sunscreen.  A couple of weeks ago, I screwed in one of the RIO beach umbrellas, between two of our raised garden beds.  I was outside, on and off, for a good 5 hours throughout the day, I stayed under the shade of the umbrella, and weeded and prepped the beds for my fall garden.  I didn’t even get the slightest tinge of pink on my skin!  For me that is HUGE.  I’ve already had to have a precancerous  spot removed off of my back, and I don’t want to take any more chances with my skin.

So let me show you how my umbrellas arrived.

RIO Collage

Tucked neatly in a carry bag with a strap handle,  The two pieces simply slide together.  There is a handy dandy “pop down” handle to use for “screwing” the end of the umbrella into the sand.

There ya have it!  A well made, easy to use, UVA and UVB blocking umbrella that can be used anywhere – the beach, RIO Brands LOGOcamping, and for me…right in my own backyard! Thank you Rio Brands.  We will use these for years and years to come!

RIO Brands offers much more than just umbrellas.  They carry camping gear, backpack chairs,  beach gear and patio furniture.  I’d LOVE to own this Southern Woods Patio set and this ultra cool  Wonder Wheeler Ultra Beach Cart.  I’d be the hi of the party when I visit my kids in Florida!

PS417-300 (1)





Disclaimer:  I received 2 RIO beach umbrellas from Rio Brands, at no charge, for the purpose of this review.  Regardless, the opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine. 

RIO Brands Umbrella Review

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